Crooke, Ruth

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Ruth Crooke
b: ABT 1625
d: AFT 7 JUN 1681
Transcription of "The Reade Record", No. X, pp. 2-4. , from Viola Haynes''personal papers on the Reed Family:

He married second at Boston, March 20, 1654, Ruth Crooke, a womanapparently several years younger than himself, by whom he had 10children....His wife went back to England in 1669, soon after the birthof her tenth child, and upon her return four years later, she was broughtto trial and banished from the colony for misconduct when abroad. Shewas living in Rhode Island in 1674, as appears by William Reade’spetition for her to return, dated September 2 of that year, which was notgranted by the Court.

...on June 7, 1681, “Ruth Percy” was Plaintiff Contra Jno ReadDeffendtt,” in an action of Debt due to her for the service of her sonn,Hesekiah Read, for the time he was with him to the value of eighteenpounds. In this action the the Court ordno a non suite. (New London,Connecticut, Court Record, Vol. III, p. 156)

Ruth (Crooke) Read, it appears, married second before the above date aMr. Percy.
Viola Haynes note:
Ruth had to stand on a scaffold holding her child, as Hestee Prynne did.Then she was banished from Boston to Rhode Island. Later she and Williamgot together in New London, CT. After the children listed below, she hadanother child, not William''s.
Helen Read Book:
Ruth who still had family in England, went to visit them in 1669 and whenshe returned in 1673 she was tried in court for adulterous misconduct.The story states she brought back a small child who she tried to say wasadopted but it was not believed. She was banished from the MassachusettsColony so she went to Rhode ISland. On 2 Sept. 1674 William petitionedthe court for permission to allowher to return but it was refused.

William had sold his remaining two acres of swamp land in Weymouth on 28Nov 1673. After the petition of 1674, researchers found no furthermention of this William in Boston or Weymouth. It was then assumed hefollowed his wife to Rhode Island.

How long they stayed in Rhode Island is unknown but Ruth is later foundin Norwich, CT. along with several other family members. A New Londoncourt record proves the family relationships. From this court record itis assumed William died a short time before 13 June 1679. On that dateHezekiah Read chose Josiah and John Read as his guardians, calling themhis elder brothers. Boston records show Hezekiah Read being the son ofWilliam and Ruth (Crooke) Read. Adding other known facts, thisestablishes the identity of John and Josiah as sons of William Read ofWeymouth and Boston and his first wife Susannah Hayme.

The above mentioned court record shows Ruth married again to a Mr. Percy. Nothing further has been found on either of them.
  • ABT 1625 - Birth - ; Suffolk, England
  • AFT 7 JUN 1681 - Death -
  • 11 MAR 1673 - Court Document - Sentencing for Adultry ; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  • 7 JUN 1681 - Court Document - Suit against John Read ; New London, Connecticut
Ruth Crooke
ABT 1625 - AFT 7 JUN 1681
Family Group Sheet - Child
FRuth Crooke
BirthABT 1625Suffolk, England
DeathAFT 7 JUN 1681
Marriage20 MAR 1654to William Reade at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Reade
BirthABT 1607England
DeathBEF 13 JUN 1679 Probably New London, Connecticut
Marriage20 MAR 1654to Ruth Crooke at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage12 OCT 1629to Susanna Hayme at Gillingham, Dorsetshire, England
PARENT (F) Ruth Crooke
BirthABT 1625Suffolk, England
DeathAFT 7 JUN 1681
Marriage20 MAR 1654to William Reade at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MWilliam Read
Birth3 FEB 1654Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
DeathAFT 1674
Marriage1675to Esther Thompson at Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts
MIsaac Read
Birth18 APR 1656Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MEphraim Read
Birth23 NOV 1657Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MJonathan Read
Birth23 APR 1659Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death2 JUL 1659Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Birth11 AUG 1660Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FRuth Read
Birth7 MAY 1662Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death17 JUL 1662Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MHezekiah Read
Birth6 JUL 1663Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FSarah Read
Birth26 JUN 1665Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FElizabeth Read
Birth22 DEC 1666Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
DeathBEF 22 APR 1669Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FElizabeth Read
Birth22 APR 1669Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage6 JUL 1691to Samuel Durham at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
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Descendancy Chart
Ruth Crooke b: ABT 1625 d: AFT 7 JUN 1681
William Reade b: ABT 1607 d: BEF 13 JUN 1679
William Read b: 3 FEB 1654 d: AFT 1674
Esther Thompson b: 28 JUL 1652 d: 26 OCT 1705
John Read b: 21 OCT 1680 d: young
William Read b: 24 MAY 1682 d: 3 JUN 1753
John Read b: 10 JUL 1687
Jacob Read b: 6 NOV 1691 d: 1766
Sarah Read b: 21/21 MAR 1693/1694
Isaac Read b: 18 APR 1656 d: 1695
Ephraim Read b: 23 NOV 1657
Jonathan Read b: 23 APR 1659 d: 2 JUL 1659
Timothy b: 11 AUG 1660
Ruth Read b: 7 MAY 1662 d: 17 JUL 1662
Hezekiah Read b: 6 JUL 1663
Sarah Read b: 26 JUN 1665
Elizabeth Read b: 22 DEC 1666 d: BEF 22 APR 1669
Elizabeth Read b: 22 APR 1669
Samuel Durham b: 1/01 MAR 1691/1692
Ann Durham b: 14 SEP 1702
Elizabeth Durham b: 26 NOV 1694
Anna Durham b: 22 NOV 1698