Reed, Frederick Delano

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Frederick Delano Reed
b: 15 FEB 1793
d: 16 APR 1843
From: Harry Reed
To: John Reed
Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 7:42 PM
Subject: Re: Reed Family
Hi John,
I''m glad to hear that someone else is researching this line. I have founda death record of Richard F. Reed who was Frederick''s brother. The deathrecord states that he was born in Minisink Orange County NY 1790. It alsostates that his father was Daniel and his mother was Martha. Howeverafter researching this for over two years I have not been able to findanything on Daniel Reed and his wife Martha. I believe I have Roxena''sline back to the 1400''s. I also have Roxena''s widow pension papers. Letme know how I can help. Anything you have on Frederick would be a greathelp to me. Thanks, Harry

NOTE: There was a John Reed and Martha
From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Wednesday, December03, 2008 10:04 AM To: [email protected] Subject: Reed and Hoadley
Dear Mr. John Reed, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. I amsorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding your Reed ancestorsfrom Amenia. I was able to check the files at the archives and also tospeak with Mr. Ken Hoadley. Our files contain no mention of Roxena,Calvin, or Frederick. However, Mr. Hoadley was a big help with his book,Descendants of John Reed, by Ella Reed Wright, pub. 1909, Higginson ofBoston. Mr. Hoadley found the list of the children of Daniel and Mary"Polly" (Hopkins) Reed. They were: William, b. 1783, m. Elizabeth Mix;Nancy, b. 1785, m. Horace Jerome; Maria, b. 1795, m. Elisha Bigelow;Joanna, b. about 1797, m. J. Haskle, 2nd m. J. D. Farley. No Frederickwas listed. Mr. Hoadley found a Frederick Reed, b. about 1790, the 3rdson of Phineas, (b. 1762), son of Eliakim, son of Daniel. The otherchildren of Phineas were: Elijah, Philo, Huldah, Sarah, Julia, Mary, andAnna. Newton Reed, author of Early History of Amenia, pub. 1875, statesthat Phineas, son of Eliakim, moved to Hillsdale, NY, (just 35 minutesnorth of Amenia by today''s travel). Eliakim''s sons, Silas and Samuel,settled in Ontario County. Eliakim, Jr., went to Greene County. Simeonsettled in Vermont. Ezra remained on the homestead in SouthAmenia. Daniel Reed, 1761-1803, was one of ten sons and two daughters ofCapt. James and Joanna (Castle) Reed. Daniel and six other brothers movedto the western part of New York; only three sons of James remained inAmenia. Whether Frederick Reed is the son of Phineas or of Daniel is yetto be determined. In regard to the Hoadley connection, I urge you tophone Mr. Hoadley, 845-373-8069. He is related to William and Sarah(Frisbie) Hoadley and to the Reeds. Unfortunately, all his research isnot yet in our AHS archives. I''ll have to get after hhim forthat. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do foryou. Best regards, Elizabeth C. Strauss Amenia HistoricalSociety Amenia, NY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 15 FEB 1793 - Birth - ; New York
  • 16 APR 1843 - Death - ; Powellsville, Scioto, Ohio
  • 1816 - Residence - ; Ontario, New York
  • 1817 - Residence - ; Washington, Ohio
  • 1818 - Residence - ; Scioto, Ohio
  • From 6 AUG 1814 to 8 NOV 1814 - Military Service - 20th Regiment, New York Militia, War of 1812 ; Ontario, New York
  • 1816 - Residence - ; Ontario, New York
  • 1817 - Residence - ; Washington, Ohio
  • 1818 - Residence - ; Scioto, Ohio
Frederick Delano Reed
15 FEB 1793 - 16 APR 1843
Family Group Sheet - Child
MFrederick Delano Reed
Birth15 FEB 1793New York
Death16 APR 1843Powellsville, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage24 OCT 1813to Roxena Reed at Canandaigua, Ontario, New York
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Frederick Delano Reed
Birth15 FEB 1793New York
Death16 APR 1843 Powellsville, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage24 OCT 1813to Roxena Reed at Canandaigua, Ontario, New York
PARENT (F) Roxena Reed
Birth15 JUL 1795Onondaga, New York
Death10 DEC 1872 Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage24 OCT 1813to Frederick Delano Reed at Canandaigua, Ontario, New York
FatherCalvin Reed
MotherOlivia Elizabeth Warner
FJane Reed
Birth6 SEP 1815Canandaigua, Ontario, New York
Death7 SEP 1861Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage14 FEB 1836to David H. Minard at Scioto, Ohio
FMaria Reed
BirthABT 1817Marietta, Washington, Ohio
Death2 DEC 1837Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage26 FEB 1834to Isaac Ridenour at Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio
MJames Reed
BirthABT 1819Ohio
DeathBEF 1861
Marriageto Josephine
MLucius Reed
BirthFEB 1822Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio
Death15 MAY 1892Jackson, Jackson, Ohio
Marriage15 OCT 1846to Catherine P. Fitzmorris at Scioto, Ohio
MRodney Lewis Reed
Birth16 MAR 1824Scioto, Ohio
Death8 AUG 1898Green Castle, Sullivan, Missouri
Marriage13 MAR 1853to Elizabeth Jane Kelley at Scioto, Ohio
FAmanda Reed
Birth19 APR 1827Scioto, Ohio
Death10 MAR 1901Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage7 NOV 1844to David Crawford Munn at Scioto, Ohio
FCaroline Reed
Birth16 AUG 1829
Death29 JUL 1851
MCalvin Warner Reed
Birth26 MAR 1836Scioto, Ohio
Death12 DEC 1881Wheelersburg, Scioto, Ohio
Marriage12 FEB 1857to Adelia Winkler at Scioto, Ohio
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[S274]Personal Correspondance
Descendancy Chart
Frederick Delano Reed b: 15 FEB 1793 d: 16 APR 1843
Roxena Reed b: 15 JUL 1795 d: 10 DEC 1872
Jane Reed b: 6 SEP 1815 d: 7 SEP 1861
Benjamin F. Minard b: 1837 d: 26 MAR 1850
Caroline Minard b: 1845
James Delano Minard b: 18 JUL 1847 d: 12 MAY 1929
Mary Adeline Lyons b: ABT 1860 d: 30 AUG 1954
Maria Reed b: ABT 1817 d: 2 DEC 1837
Isaac Ridenour b: ABT 1816
John Ridenour b: ABT 1838
Eve Ridenour b: 3 DEC 1834
Francis M. Ridenour b: ABT 1836
James Reed b: ABT 1819 d: BEF 1861
Josephine b: ABT 1823
Francis Marion Reed b: ABT 1843
Maria W. Reed b: ABT 1850
Mary R. Reed b: ABT 1845
Winfield Reed b: ABT 1847
James H. Reed b: 27 APR 1852 d: 12 JUL 1852
Lucius Reed b: FEB 1822 d: 15 MAY 1892
Catherine P. Fitzmorris b: 18 JAN 1820 d: 16 OCT 1885
Cora B. Reed b: ABT DEC 1859
Rovena Catherine Reed b: MAR 1856 d: 19 AUG 1857
Horace T. Reed b: 8 OCT 1857 d: ABT 1895
Leroy Reed b: 1 DEC 1847 d: 2 OCT 1936
Drusilla Webb b: 1851
Mary Graham b: 8 JUN 1853 d: 4 FEB 1909
John Fitzmorris Reed b: JUN 1849 d: 28 APR 1933
Elizabeth O''Conrad d: AFT 23 FEB 1875
Frederick Delano Reed b: 1851 d: 11 JAN 1921
Sarah F. Stevison b: ABT 1857
James Parker Reed b: OCT 1852 d: 11 DEC 1929
Malinda Tennessee Chapman b: 4 APR 1849 d: 1 NOV 1929
Sarah Roxena Reed b: 30/30 MAR 1854/1856 d: 30 OCT 1939
Jared Martin b: 17 JUN 1843 d: 12 FEB 1919
Lucius Reed b: MAR 1859 d: JUN 1859
Florence Belle Reed b: NOV 1859 d: 22 JUL 1907
Rodney Lewis Reed b: 16 MAR 1824 d: 8 AUG 1898
Elizabeth Jane Kelley b: 30 MAY 1836 d: 1 SEP 1923
Amanda Caroline Reed b: 26 FEB 1861 d: 15 APR 1925
Francis R. Vaughn b: 11 JAN 1852 d: 11 JAN 1932
Adell Reed b: 3 SEP 1863 d: BEF 1920
Frederick Delano Reed b: 18 DEC 1867 d: 19 MAR 1916
James Henry Reed b: 12 MAR 1868 d: 26 NOV 1949
Albert Lee Reed b: 11 MAR 1873 d: 27 NOV 1940
Frank T. Reed b: 1877 d: 1899
Amanda Reed b: 19 APR 1827 d: 10 MAR 1901
David Crawford Munn b: 15 JUN 1818 d: 27 FEB 1867
Samuel D. Munn b: 8 AUG 1848 d: 4 DEC 1859
Flora C. Munn b: 15 JUL 1852 d: JAN 1853
Eudora Munn b: 14 FEB 1856
David Claude Munn b: 22 FEB 1858 d: 30 JUN 1902
Effie Florence Munn b: 22 JUN 1859 d: OCT 1859
Caroline Reed b: 16 AUG 1829 d: 29 JUL 1851
Calvin Warner Reed b: 26 MAR 1836 d: 12 DEC 1881
Adelia Winkler b: 24 APR 1836 d: 21 MAR 1921
Louisa M. Reed b: 1860
Charles W. Reed b: 1866
Ora M. Reed b: 8 SEP 1868 d: 11 JAN 1883
George Reed b: 1872