Littlefield, Edmund

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Edmund Littlefield
d: 11 DEC 1661
WILL: [Court Records, B, 53.] The last will & Testament of EdmundLittlefejld Decembr 11 : 61 : First I bequeath my soule to god Almighty,& I bequeath my body to the earth from whence I came I bequeath vntoFrancis Littlefejld my Elldest sun, & Anthony Littlefejld, & ElizabethWakefejld my daughter, all the whoole Tract of Land lijng of the NorthEast side of Kenebunke with the Falls togeather with a Cetern quantity ofMarsh lijng up In the woods, betweene Cape Porpus River, & Kenebunke,which is specifyd In two deeds, granted by Mr Geo : Cleeue Agent of MrRygby, which is now come into the Goverment of Mr Gorges, Proprietor ofthe Prouince of Mayne Which Land & Marsh shall bee equally devidedamongst thos three aboue specifyd I giue vnto Francis Littlefejld Senjor10s to bee pd out of my goods I giue vnto Anthony Littlefejld all myweareing Cloaths I giue vnto Elizabeth Wakefejld 5s to bee pd out of mygoods I giue vnto my 3 executors Namely Annas Littlefejld, My wife, &Thomas Littlefejld, & Fran : Littlefejld my youngest sun all my upland &Marsh att home which is not disposd, & that which I bought of my sunAnthony, & alsoe yet which I bought of Mr. Fletcher, togeather with yeCorne Mill & saw Mill, with all my houseing & goods, within doores & without, togeather with all the stocke & Cattle both small and greate, whichshall bee equally deuided amongst those 3 executors, onely the Yland thatlyeth on the South side of Webbhannett River, If the sd Thos & FrancisLittlefejld Junjor do both of them pay to Annas my wife foure bushs pfCorne yearely for 7 yeares, then my wife shall haue nothing to do withItt, otherwise if they do not pforme that yearely, then my wife shallhaue pouer to lett it to others, & to expell them quitte out of itall And likewise my sun Thoms & Fran : Littlefejld shall pay vnto my wifeeight bushs of wheate yearely, for ye Corne Mill, if they will not yn mywife shall haue pouer to lett it to any other, & expell them out of it/And my wife shall haue her third part of the Marsh, that lyeth on theSouth East side of Webbhannett River; And if soe bee yt Fran :Littlefejld & Thomas Littlefejld, & Fran : Littlefejld my youngest sunbee not loueing & helpfull to her shee shall haue pouer to dispose ofitt, wr shee thinkes good herselfe I giue vnto my daughter Mary Barrett,and to my daughter Hannah Littlefejld fiueteene pounds a peece to bee pdwith in 3 years, fiue pounds a peece yearly, till it bee payd I do giuevnto all my grandchildren fiue shillings a peece Wn they come at age Igive unto my sun John Littlefejld Tenn pounds, to bee payd out of yefourty pounds which hee is to pay for his purchase att Ogunquett Alsoethe 3 executors, Namely Annas my wife, & Thos : & Fran : Littlefejldshall haue pouer to recover & receaue all debts/ And those 3 executorsshall pay all debts dues & demands, & all portions Legacys & gyfts, whichis here specifyd; My suns Tho : & Fran : Littlefejld Junjor, is toImproue & till the ground, & thejre mother my wife shall haue the thirdpart of the Corne I giue vnto my wife 6 or 7 Acers of Marsh that lyeth atOgunquet. I desire Mr Ezekell Knightt & Mr. Jos : Bowles to bee myFeffees In trust If neede require, to see my will fullfilled Testes
Edmund Littlefejlds
Ezekell Knights
Jos : Bowles own hand (mark)
  • 27 JUN 1592 - Christening - ; Titchfield, Hampshire, England
  • 11 DEC 1661 - Death - ; Wells, York, Maine, USA
  • 1637 - Emmigration - ; Southampton, England bound for New England
Edmund Littlefield
- 11 DEC 1661
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Francis Littlefield
BirthABT 1565
Marriageto Marie
PARENT (F) Marie
Marriageto Francis Littlefield
MEdmund Littlefield
BirthTitchfield, Hampshire, England
Death11 DEC 1661Wells, York, Maine, USA
Marriage16 OCT 1614to Agnes Austin at Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Edmund Littlefield
BirthTitchfield, Hampshire, England
Death11 DEC 1661 Wells, York, Maine, USA
Marriage16 OCT 1614to Agnes Austin at Titchfield, Hampshire, England
FatherFrancis Littlefield
PARENT (F) Agnes Austin
Marriage16 OCT 1614to Edmund Littlefield at Titchfield, Hampshire, England
FatherRichard Austin
MAnthony Littlefield
BirthTitchfield, Hampshire, England
Death1662Wells, York, Maine, USA
Marriageto Mary Page
[S80]New England Historical and Genealogical Register, The
Descendancy Chart
Edmund Littlefield d: 11 DEC 1661
Edmund Littlefield b: 1650 d: 9 APR 1718
Elizabeth Mott b: 5 DEC 1666
Edmund Littlefield b: 1692 d: 27 MAY 1717
Bethiah Waldo b: 20 AUG 1688
Esther Littlefield b: 6 NOV 1714 d: 2 MAY 1792
Silas Briggs b: ABT 1732
Samuel Soper b: 1 NOV 1709 d: 23 AUG 1749
Hannah Soper b: 25 FEB 1733
Daniel Pettingell b: 10 OCT 1726 d: 20 NOV 1808
Silvia Pettingell b: 8 MAY 1761 d: 15 NOV 1822
Zebulon (Revolutionary Soldier) Phillips b: 5 FEB 1756 d: 15 APR 1825
Zebulon Phillips b: 1781 d: 15 DEC 1838
Rachel C Roberts b: 1780 d: 1860/1861
Emily Stillman Phillips b: 8 MAY 1814 d: 29 MAR 1869
Seymoure Hart Gooding b: 11 OCT 1807 d: 7 APR 1870
10 William Seymour Gooding b: 21 DEC 1852 d: 1921
Isabelle Harriet Gaines b: 26 APR 1855 d: 1922