, Adalbert I, Count Of Vermandois

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Adalbert I, Count of Vermandois
b: ABT 915
d: ABT 987
Adalbert I of Vermandois (French: Albert I le Pieux, the Pious)(c.?915–c.?987), in 946 he succeeded his father as Count of Vermandois.

Albert was the son of Herbert II of Vermandois and Adela of France.[1] Hehad his men and those of his brother Count Herbert escort the mother ofLouis IV of France, Queen "Ottobega" (Eadgifu of Wessex, ) from Laon toher marriage with his brother Herbert, which in turn enraged KingLouis.[2] Louis confiscated his mother''s holdings, the abbey of SaintMary in Laon which he gave to his wife Gerberga of Saxony and the royalfisc of Attigny.[2] In 957 Albert and his brother Robert Count of Meauxand Troyes were adherents of King Lothair of France.[a][3]

When Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine decided to assert his rights to thethrone he was aided by Albert and Albert''s two nephews, Herbert III,Count of Meaux and Odo I, Count of Blois.[4] The two aided Charles in hisplots and continued to make trouble for the new king even after Charleswas captured and imprisoned.[4]

Albert was slow to acknowledge the election of Hugh Capet as King of theFranks. On learning Hugh intended to attack him Albert sent Dudo ofSaint-Quentin to Normandy to see if Duke Richard I, Duke of Normandywould use his influence to keep the peace between them, which apparentlythe duke did.[4] For his part Hugh Capet had been suspicious that Albertwas about to rebel against him.[5] Albert, Count of Vermandois, died c.?8Sep 0987 and was succeeded by his son Herbert III.[1]

In 954 he married Gerberge of Lorraine († 978),[b] daughter of Giselbert,Duke of Lorraine,[1] and his wife Gerberga of Saxony.[6]
Their children were:
Herbert III of Vermandois[1]
Eudes of Vermandois (c.?956–c.?983–87)[1]
Liudolfe de Noyon (c.?957–986)[1]
Guy I of Vermandois, count of Soissons[7]
  • ABT 915 - Birth -
  • ABT 987 - Death -
  • Nobility Title - of Vermandois
Adele of France
ABT 887 - AFT MAR 931
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Herbert II, Count of Vermandois
Marriageto Adele of France
FatherHerbert I, Count of Vermandois
MotherBertha de Morvois
PARENT (F) Adele of France
BirthABT 887
DeathAFT MAR 931
Marriageto Herbert II, Count of Vermandois
FatherRobert I of France
MRobert of Vermandois
Marriageto Adelaide-Werra de Chalo
FLuitgarde of Vermandois
Marriageto Theobald I, Count of Blois
MAdalbert I, Count of Vermandois
BirthABT 915
DeathABT 987
Marriageto Gerberge of Lorraine
FAdele of Vermandois
Death1 JAN 960Bruges
Marriage934to Arnulf I of Flanders
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Descendancy Chart
Adalbert I, Count of Vermandois b: ABT 915 d: ABT 987
Hugh I "Magnus" b: 1057 d: 18 OCT 1101
William de Beauchamp b: 1215 d: 1268
Ada de Warenne b: ABT 1120 d: 1178
Henry of Scotland b: 1114 d: 1152
Ada b: ABT 1146 d: AFT 1206
Adelaide of Guelders b: ABT 1182 d: 1218
Isabel de Warenne d: 12 JUL 1203
Hamelin de Warenne, Earl of Surrey b: 1129 d: 7 MAY 1202
John of England b: 24 DEC 1167 d: 19 OCT 1216
10 Richard FitzRoy b: ABT 1190 d: JUN 1246
Henry II of England b: 5 MAR 1133 d: 6 JUL 1189