, Agnes Of Loon

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Agnes of Loon
b: 1150
d: 1191
Agnes of Loon (1150-1191), was a duchess consort of Bavaria, married toOtto I of Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria. She was regent of Bavaria duringthe minority of her son, Louis I, Duke of Bavaria, from 1183 to 1191. Shewas the daughter of Louis I, Count of Loon, and Agnes of Metz. Agnes wasdescribed as a forceful regent, who managed to secure the inheritance ofher son.

Agnes and Otto had the following children:
Otto (1169–1181)
Sophia (1170–1238), married Landgrave Hermann I of Thuringia (1155–1217),
Heilika I (b. 1171), married in 1184 to Hallgrave Dietrich of Wasserburg
Agnes (1172–1200), married Count Henry of Plain (d. 1190)
Richardis (1173–1231), married in 1186 to Count Otto I of Guelders andZutphen
Louis I (1173–1231), married in 1204 to Ludmilla of Bohemia
Heilika II (b. 1176), married Count Adelbert III of Dillingen (d. 1214)
Elisabeth (b. 1178), married Count Berthold II of Vohburg (d. 1209)
Mechtild (1180–1231), married in 1209 to Count Rapoto II of Ortenburg(1164–1231).
  • 1150 - Birth -
  • 1191 - Death -
Agnes of Loon
1150 - 1191
Agnes of Metz
ABT 1114 - 1175/1180
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Louis I, Count of Loon
Marriageto Agnes of Metz
FatherArnold II, Count of Loon
PARENT (F) Agnes of Metz
BirthABT 1114
Marriageto Louis I, Count of Loon
FatherCount Folmar V of Metz
MotherMatilda of Dagsburg
FAgnes of Loon
MarriageABT 1169to Otto I Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria
FLaurette of Loon
Marriageto Theobald I, Count of Bar
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
Descendancy Chart