, Agnes Of Poitou

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Agnes of Poitou
b: ABT 1025
d: 14 DEC 1077
Agnes of Poitou, Agnes of Aquitaine or Empress Agnes (c.?1025 – 14December 1077) was Holy Roman Empress and regent of the Holy Roman Empirefrom 1056 to 1062.

She was the daughter of William V, Duke of Aquitaine[1] and Agnes ofBurgundy. She was the sister of Duke William VI, Duke Eudes, Duke WilliamVII, and Duke William VIII. Her maternal grandparents were Otto-William,Duke of Burgundy and Ermentrude of Rheims.

Agnes married Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor in November 1043 atIngelheim.[Note 1][2] She was his second wife[1] after Gunhilda ofDenmark, who had died in 1038.[citation needed] This marriage, helped tosolidify the Holy Roman Empire''s relationships with the west.[1]

Their children were:
Adelaide II (1045, Goslar – 11 January 1096), abbess of Gandersheim from1061 and Quedlinburg from 1063
Gisela (1047, Ravenna – 6 May 1053)
Matilda (October 1048 – 12 May 1060, Pöhlde), married 1059 Rudolf ofRheinfelden, duke of Swabia and antiking (1077)
Henry, his successor[1]
Conrad (1052, Regensburg – 10 April 1055), duke of Bavaria (from 1054)
Judith (1054, Goslar – 14 March 1092 or 1096), married firstly 1063Solomon of Hungary and secondly 1089 Ladislaus I Herman, duke of Poland

After her husband''s death in 1056, Agnes served as regent during onbehalf of young son, Henry IV.[3] Despite being related to kings of Italyand Burgundy, Agnes was not known as a quality leader. During her rule,she would give away three duchies, Bavaria, Swabia, and Carinthia, torelatives.[1]

Agnes opposed church reform, and took the side of Italian dissidents whodid as well.[1] Pope Stephen IX, who was unable to take actual possessionof Rome due to the Roman aristocracy''s election of an antipope, BenedictX, sent Hildebrand of Sovana and Anselm of Lucca (respectively, thefuture Popes Gregory VII and Alexander II) to Germany to obtainrecognition from Agnes. Though Stephen died before being able to returnto Rome, Agnes'' help was instrumental in letting Hildebrand depose theAntipope [4] and with Agnes'' support replace him by the Bishop ofFlorence, Nicholas II.

In 1062, Henry was abducted by a group of men, including the Anno II,Archbishop of Cologne and the Otto of Nordheim, in a conspiracy to removeAgnes from the throne, referred to as the Coup of Kaiserswerth. Henry wasbrought to Cologne, and despite jumping overboard from a board to escape,he was recaptured again. Agnes resigned, as ransom, from the throne, andAnno took her place.[1] After the dethroning, she moved to Rome and actedas a mediator and peacemaker between Henry IV and his enemies.[1] Shedied in Rome on 14 December 1077 and is buried at St. Peter''s Basilica.
  • ABT 1025 - Birth -
  • 14 DEC 1077 - Death - ; Rome, Italy
  • 1056 - Reign - Empress ; Holy Roman Empire
Agnes of Poitou
ABT 1025 - 14 DEC 1077
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William V, Duke of Aquitaine
Death31 JAN 1030
Marriage1019to Agnes of Burgundy, Duchess of Aquitaine
FatherWilliam IV, Duke of Aquitaine
MotherEmma of Blois
PARENT (F) Agnes of Burgundy, Duchess of Aquitaine
BirthBEF 1000Burgundy, France
Death10 NOV 1068 Abbey of St. Nicolas de Poitiers
Marriage1032to Geoffrey II, Count of Anjou
Marriage1019to William V, Duke of Aquitaine
FatherOtto-William, Count of Burgundy
MotherErmentrude of Rheims
MWilliam VIII, Duke of Aquitaine
Marriageto Hildegarde of Burgundy
FAgnes of Poitou
BirthABT 1025
Death14 DEC 1077Rome, Italy
Marriageto Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
Marriageto Agnes of Poitou
FatherConrad II, Holy Roman Emperor
MotherGisela of Swabia
PARENT (F) Agnes of Poitou
BirthABT 1025
Death14 DEC 1077 Rome, Italy
Marriageto Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor
FatherWilliam V, Duke of Aquitaine
MotherAgnes of Burgundy, Duchess of Aquitaine
MHenry IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Marriageto Bertha of Savoy
FMatilda of Swabia
BirthOCT 1048
Death12 MAY 1060Pöhlde
Marriage1059to Rudolf of Rheinfelden
Descendancy Chart
Agnes of Poitou b: ABT 1025 d: 14 DEC 1077
Agnes of Germany b: 1072/1073 d: 24 SEP 1143
Agnes of Loon b: 1150 d: 1191
Adelaide of Guelders b: ABT 1182 d: 1218
Agnes of Merania d: JUL 1201
Agnes of Merania d: JUL 1201
Agnes of Babenberg b: 1108/1113 d: 24/25 JAN 1163
Alfonso VII of León and Castile b: 1 MAR 1105 d: 21 AUG 1157
Alfonso II of Aragon b: MAR 1157 d: 25 APR 1196
Alfonso II, Count of Provence b: 1174 d: 1 DEC 1209
Henry III b: 1 OCT 1207 d: 16 NOV 1272
10 Edward I b: 17 JUN 1239 d: 7 JUL 1307
Eleanor of Castile b: ABT 1245 d: 1290
Marie of Brabant, Queen of France b: 13 MAY 1254 d: 12 JAN 1321
Matilda of Swabia b: OCT 1048 d: 12 MAY 1060