Bryars, Green Berry

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Green Berry Bryars
b: 11 JUL 1814
d: 19 JUL 1873
LDS: D: 19 Jul 1873; shows a total of 13 children with Maria beingnumber 4.
Lazarus John Genealogy shows 19 Jul as death.

Green Berry Bryars, the son of Lazarus John Bryars and third wife, MarySmith, was born in Baldwin County, Mississippi Territory July 11. 1817.
Green married Elizabeth A. McGill on February 9, 1839 in Baldwin County.They established their home close to Perdido and had a large family.
The longest running family feud in Alabama was the Bryars-Hadley Feud.Green B. Bryars and James Hadley had the original dispute that began theargument that led to murder and more than a century of bad feelingsbetween the two families as well as years of court proceedings and civiltrials and even more killing in later years.
On Saturday, July 17, 1873, James Hadley, James M. Hadley, Jr., and JesseHadley along with Howell Pitcher and Thomas Stewart came to the Bryars''home and in a conversation between Green Bryars and James Hadleyreference was made to a sheep that Hadley had accused Bryars of marking.Bryars took exception to this and insisted on Hadley retracting thecharge and admitting the claim to be false. Hadley denied that Bryars hadstolen the sheep, but insisted that Bryars had made a mistake in markingthe sheep.
James M. Hadley, Jr., tried to make peace between the two. Theycompromised with plans to meet on Monday to go down to the fork two orthree miles from the house and drive out the sheep to separate Hadley''sfrom Bryars''. James Hadley, Sr. said he would send the boys, but Bryars''insisted he come, too. Hadley consented to come and they parted onseemingly good terms.
After they left, Green B. Bryars told ______ Weakley, "James Hadley seemslike he wants to compromise and make friends; but he can''t make friendswith me on any consideration, until he acknowledges that he told a lie onme. He thinks he is coming here Monday to get them sheep, but he can''t doit: he either has to acknowledge he told a lie or fight."
Word must have gotten around about the trouble between Hadley and Bryars.There certainly seemed to be a lot of talk about it. On Sunday, LarryBryars, Green''s son, told a friend, "I don''t know that you''ll ever see meany more. The Hadley''s are coming Monday to get them sheep; but old Jimwill have to take back what he said, and admit he told a lie, or therewill be a fight or a fuss."
On Sunday, Joseph Bryars, another son, told his brother-in-law, _____King, that he would not be able to come to his house, "because theHadley''s were coming to the house on Monday morning, and there would behell."
From Jay Byrd:
There are two conflicting accounts of what happened on Monday morning._____ Renfroe gave testimony in the trial of the Hadley''s that HowellPitcher, an employ in the timber business, came by the work camp aroundsunrise on Monday morning. Pitcher said, "he was going to fight a duelwith old man Bryars that morning." He told Renfroe he would be back athis work around noon and left camp with a gun in the direction of theBryars property.
In the Hadley''s testimony, three witnesses testified that James Hadley,James M. Hadley, Jr., and Jesse Hadley along with Howell Pitcher andThomas Stewart were prepared with provisions for two days and one nightin camp; that two would drive home some sheep and three others would getsome cattle. They further testified that when the Hadley party arrived atthe field where Bryars was plowing that Bryars advanced on them holding apine root about two and a half feet long and two inches in diameter. Theystated that Bryars jumped up on the fence and called to the house, "Comeon, boys," or, "Come with your guns, boys," then attacked James Hadley,Sr. with the stick. The witnesses said that Hadley was backing his muleout of the way when shots were fired from the house and Hadley and JamesHadley, Jr. were wounded and the clothing of the other three were torn bythe shot. The testimony attempted to show that the Bryars'' had startedthe fight and also to dispute the testimony of Green B. Bryars'' wife,Elizabeth, by stating that some of her statements of details during theinvestigation were different from those made by her at the trial.
In Elizabeth''s testimony, all five of the defendants came to the fence onthe road leading from the house about 8:00 on Monday morning where Greenwas plowing, about a hundred yards away. All were mounted, except one,and all armed with guns. The Hadley''s were first on the outside of thefence and Green was standing by his plow inside the lot. Larry had beento the house for water and had just returned to help his father plow asthe Hadley''s rode up and was standing near his father on the outside ofthe fence. Wiley J., another son came from the house to within 30 stepsof the group when his father left his plow and climbed over the fence.Green walked a few steps in the direction of his house and called, "Boys,come here." John, Joseph, Betty, and mother, Elisabeth Bryars were at thehouse and reacted to the summons. When Green called his sons, theHadley''s dismounted and James Hadley, who was about five steps fromGreen, leveled his shotgun and shot him in the back with both barrels.James M. Hadley, Jr. also shot Green with one barrel of his shotgun andthen turned on Larry and shot him. Wiley began running toward the housewhen the others opened fire. Wiley was shot in the back of his thigh andhead. Green, Larry and Wiley were dressed in working clothes, inshirtsleeves and were not armed at all except for a small stick thatGreen had in his hand, about two feet long and an inch and a half indiameter. When the shooting began, Joseph Bryars began running from thehouse followed closely by John B. Bryars. When they were about fiftyyards from the shooting, the Hadley''s opened fire again and shot Josephin the head. John was carrying two guns and even though he was wounded inthe arm he returned fire. When he reached for his other gun, Johnreceived a wound in his foot. After John was down, the Hadley''s mountedand rode back to the house of James Hadley, Sr. and then they ran to hidein the woods.
Within ten minutes of the Hadley''s appearance, Green B., Larry and JosephBryars were killed and John B. and Wiley J. Bryars were wounded.
  • 11 JUL 1814 - Birth - ; Latham, Baldwin, Alabama
  • JUL 1873 - Burial - ; Bryars-McGill Cemetery, Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama
  • 19 JUL 1873 - Death - ; Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
  • From 31 MAY 1836 to 10 SEP 1836 - Military Service - Captain Booth''s Company, Alabama Militia, Creek Indian War ; Alabama
  • 10 SEP 1864 - Military Service - 3d Lt, Baldwin County Militia, CSA ; Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Lazarus John Bryars
12 SEP 1739 - ABT 1832
Lazarus John Bryars
ABT 1773 - BEF 20 DEC 1827
Green Berry Bryars
11 JUL 1814 - 19 JUL 1873
Mary Smith
ABT 1777 - ABT 1830
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Lazarus John Bryars
BirthABT 1773South Carolina
DeathBEF 20 DEC 1827 Baldwin, Alabama
Marriageto Sizemore at Baldwin, Alabama
Marriageto McDonald
Marriageto Mary McDonald at Baldwin, Alabama
Marriageto Mary Smith at Baldwin, Alabama
FatherLazarus John Bryars
MotherAnn Motte
PARENT (F) Mary Smith
BirthABT 1777Baldwin, Alabama
DeathABT 1830 Baldwin, Alabama
Marriageto Lazarus John Bryars at Baldwin, Alabama
MGreen Berry Bryars
Birth11 JUL 1814Latham, Baldwin, Alabama
Death19 JUL 1873Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage15 MAR 1838to Elizabeth A. Houston at Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
MRed Berry Bryars
BirthABT 1822Baldwin, Alabama
Death2 MAR 1889Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage20 AUG 1843to Sara Jane Fickling at Baldwin, Alabama
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Green Berry Bryars
Birth11 JUL 1814Latham, Baldwin, Alabama
Death19 JUL 1873 Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage15 MAR 1838to Elizabeth A. Houston at Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
FatherLazarus John Bryars
MotherMary Smith
PARENT (F) Elizabeth A. Houston
Birth10 FEB 1820Baldwin, Alabama
Death22 DEC 1906 Perdido, Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage15 MAR 1838to Green Berry Bryars at Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
FMatilda Jane Bryars
Birth4 NOV 1841Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Death2 MAR 1925Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage20/15 NOV 1873to Jacob Shaffer at Baldwin, Alabama
MGreen Berry Bryars
Death4 DEC 1861
FHenrietta Bryars
BirthDEC 1843Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
DeathSEP 1933Escambia, Alabama
Marriage24 DEC 1868to James Samuel Richbourg at Baldwin, Alabama
FMariah L. Bryars
BirthABT 1844
Marriage6 NOV 1872to Henry J. Taylor at Baldwin, Alabama
FElizabeth J. Bryars
Marriage24 JUL 1877to Kinean Rasberry Dean at Baldwin, Alabama
MJohn Bryant Bryars
BirthABT 1848Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Death19 APR 1920Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage5 OCT 1876to Annie Weekly at Baldwin, Alabama
MWesley Julian Bryars
Birth22 NOV 1849Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Death2 FEB 1924Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage4 JUL 1872to Ellen Elviaria Fickling at Baldwin, Alabama
FEmily Emma Bryars
BirthABT 1854Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Death22 SEP 1892Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage22 DEC 1868to Charles W. McConnel at Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage29 AUG 1875to William Washington King at Baldwin, Alabama
MWiley J. Bryars
BirthABT 1862Stockton, Baldwin, Alabama
Death1892Baldwin, Alabama
MarriageABT 1877to Julia McGill at Baldwin, Alabama
MLazarus John Bryars
Birth1858Baldwin, Alabama
Death19 JUL 1873Baldwin, Alabama
FJulia Jerusia Bryars
Birth17 MAY 1861
Death28 JAN 1920Escambia, Alabama
Marriage3 JAN 1878to William T. Dean at Baldwin, Alabama
Marriage3 DEC 1883to Oliver Cromwell Weekley at Baldwin, Alabama
MJoseph Bryars
BirthABT 1851Baldwin, Alabama
Death19 JUL 1873Stockton, Balwdin County, Alabama
FElizabeth Bryars
BirthABT 1847Alabama
DeathBEF 1870
[S273]Cemetery Record
[S262]Death Certificate/Record
[S261]Military Record
Descendancy Chart
Green Berry Bryars b: 11 JUL 1814 d: 19 JUL 1873
Elizabeth A. Houston b: 10 FEB 1820 d: 22 DEC 1906
Matilda Jane Bryars b: 4 NOV 1841 d: 2 MAR 1925
Jacob Shaffer b: 11 SEP 1825 d: 17 APR 1907
Edward Robinson Shaffer b: NOV 1874 d: 27 NOV 1927
Green Berry Bryars b: 1842 d: 4 DEC 1861
Henrietta Bryars b: DEC 1843 d: SEP 1933
James Samuel Richbourg b: 24 DEC 1838 d: 26 NOV 1932
Mariah L. Bryars b: ABT 1844
Henry J. Taylor b: ABT 1840
Kinean Rasberry Dean d: 22 MAR 1914
John Bryant Bryars b: ABT 1848 d: 19 APR 1920
Annie Weekly b: 1850
Leona Alma Bryars b: ABT 1879
Leoniadis Bryars b: ABT 1886
John Bryant Bryars b: 15 AUG 1885 d: 14 MAY 1950
Abbie E. Fickling b: 4 JUN 1885 d: 11 MAY 1961
Thomas Oswald Bryars b: 1892 d: 1966
Viola Eula Trawick b: 5 JUL 1897 d: 6 JUN 1967
William Aubrey Bryars b: 1 SEP 1877
Wesley Julian Bryars b: 22 NOV 1849 d: 2 FEB 1924
Ellen Elviaria Fickling b: 1 OCT 1849 d: 6 NOV 1946
John Wesley Bryars b: 4 APR 1872 d: 31 MAY 1961
Laura McGill b: 25 JUN 1877 d: 21 SEP 1895
Lila E. Bryars b: OCT 1874 d: 1948
Russell A. McGill b: APR 1865 d: 1945
James Anthony Bryars b: 3 MAR 1875 d: 24 DEC 1941
Elizabeth Amanda McGill b: 11 JUN 1881 d: 15 JAN 1950
Thomas Basil Bryars b: 27 DEC 1878
Anne Belle Bryars b: 25 MAR 1886
Nora Ellen Bryars b: AUG 1888
Jess Leona Bryars b: 14 AUG 1889
Julian Lester Bryars b: 15 APR 1891 d: 25 APR 1966
Florence King b: 20 APR 1894 d: 14 DEC 1969
Emily Emma Bryars b: ABT 1854 d: 22 SEP 1892
Wiley J. Bryars b: ABT 1862 d: 1892
Julia McGill b: MAR 1862 d: 28 JAN 1920
Joseph Penalton Bryars b: 6 DEC 1878 d: 14 SEP 1953
Frances Evelina White b: 12 DEC 1888 d: 7 JUL 1944
John Bryant Bryars b: 26 FEB 1886 d: 20 SEP 1955
Minnie Blackmon b: 25 MAR 1890 d: MAR 1981
Henrietta Olivia Bryars b: 4 APR 1887 d: 29 DEC 1963
Bosso Henry Thompson b: 8 JAN 1868
Bertha Bryars b: MAY 1882 d: BEF 1962
Benjamin Frank Gee b: 10 AUG 1882 d: 18 JUN 1941
Mack Henry Bishop b: 2 MAY 1888 d: 14 NOV 1962
James Marshall Bryars b: 6 JAN 1892 d: 3 MAR 1961
Jane Hadley b: 20 FEB 1894 d: 17 JUN 1982
Willard Bryars b: 14 NOV 1893 d: 25 OCT 1955
Clarence Lavon Bryars b: 14 APR 1899 d: 25 JUN 1962
Mae Blanche Boggan b: 12 SEP 1902 d: 31 JAN 1988
Millie Bryars b: ABT 1899 d: 1960
Wilson L. Etheridge b: 25 DEC 1877 d: 30 OCT 1962
Lazarus John Bryars b: 1858 d: 19 JUL 1873
Julia Jerusia Bryars b: 17 MAY 1861 d: 28 JAN 1920
William T. Dean b: 1855
Maggie M. Dean b: JAN 1879 d: 19 AUG 1918
William Edward Moore b: 5 SEP 1884 d: 25 SEP 1943
George A. Dean b: ABT 1880
W.E. Dean b: ABT 1881
Julia M. Dean b: ABT 1882
Martha L. Dean b: ABT 1884
Oliver Cromwell Weekley b: 6 AUG 1856 d: 10 JUN 1943
Julia Jerusia Weekley b: ABT 1886
Mamie G. Weekley b: ABT 1889
Silas Joseph Weekley b: 5 APR 1893 d: 5 FEB 1947
Truda Mae Hamm b: 30 MAY 1904 d: 12 JUN 1998
Dora T. Weekley b: ABT 1896
Carolyn E.. Weekley b: 4 MAR 1897 d: 16 MAY 1949
Willard D. Weekley b: ABT 1900
Maria E. Weekley b: ABT 1902
Lelia P. Weekley b: ABT 1904
Joseph Bryars b: ABT 1851 d: 19 JUL 1873
Elizabeth Bryars b: ABT 1847 d: BEF 1870