Cassort, Eleanor

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Eleanor Cassort
b: ABT 1786
d: 1864
Of Mohawk Valley
William Cassort, Canandaigua, was born on a farm in Canandaigua, July 22,1824. The Cassort family in this country of French extraction. Thegrandfather, James, was a native of New Jersey, where David, the fatherof our subject, was born February 22, 1789. His boyhood was spent at hisbirthplace. He was educated in the common schools, and took up theoccupation of farming. When he was eighteen years of age he came toOntario county, and four years later bought a farm of fifty acres, wherehe spent the balance of his days. He afterward added fifty acres to this.He took an active interest in politics, but was never an office seeker.He was a great reader and profound thinker, and always took an interestin church and all charitable work. He married in 1811 Sarah, daughter ofNathan Phelps of this town, and they had seven children, four of whom areliving: James, a farmer of Hopewell; Charles, Frank and William, farmersof Canandaigua. Mrs. Cassort died August 10, 1834, and David marriedsecond Emily Chapman, a widow, and they had one daughter, Mrs. EnosBooth, who died in 1890. Mrs. Emily Cassort died seven years aftermarriage in 1855, and he married Lucy Smith, who died in February, 1861.David Cassort died April 20, 1861. The whole life of our subject has beenspent in this town, He was educated in the common schools and CanandaiguaAcademy, and followed farming. He made his home with his father until hisdeath, and succeeded to the old homestead. He added to that property 100acres on the opposite side of the road, making 200 acres which he stillowns, and in 1876 he bought thirteen acres on lot 18, where he has builta beautiful residence, new buildings, etc. Mr. Cassort has never takenany active interest in public affairs, but has devoted his whole life tothe interests of his home and business. His ambition has been to become asuccessful farmer and an upright citizen. He married March 31, 1864,Addie, daughter of Hon. Jesse Cost, a farmer of the town of Hopewell.
  • ABT 1786 - Birth - ; New York
  • 1850 - Census - U.S. ; Greece, Monroe, New York
  • 1864 - Death - ; Greece, Monroe, New York
Eleanor Cassort
ABT 1786 - 1864
Family Group Sheet - Child
FEleanor Cassort
BirthABT 1786New York
Death1864Greece, Monroe, New York
Marriageto Mirtillo Warner
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Mirtillo Warner
Birth1781Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Death28 FEB 1853 Greece, Monroe, New York
Marriageto Eleanor Cassort
FatherDaniel Warner
MotherElizabeth Elenor Hoadley
PARENT (F) Eleanor Cassort
BirthABT 1786New York
Death1864 Greece, Monroe, New York
Marriageto Mirtillo Warner
MArsino Beebe Warner
Birth22 JUN 1820Canandaigua, Ontario, New York
Death1906Monroe, New York
Marriage27 MAY 1854to Marietta Harroun at Monroe, New York
MMertillo Warner
BirthABT 1824New York
Marriageto Eliza
MAndrew J. Warner
BirthABT 1827New York
MElbert Warner
BirthABT 1848New York
FGeorgianna Warner
BirthABT 1841New York
FJulietta Warner
BirthABT 1846New York
MOliver Warner
BirthABT 1823Greece, Monroe, New York
MDaniel Warner
Birth22 MAY 1807
Death5 FEB 1894
Marriageto Esther Pierce
Marriageto Harriet Trimmer
FEmily Warner
Birth1805New York
Death31 MAR 1877Charlotte, Monroe, New York
Marriageto Samuel Chadwick
FMary Warner
Marriageto Martin Fountain
Descendancy Chart
Eleanor Cassort b: ABT 1786 d: 1864
Mirtillo Warner b: 1781 d: 28 FEB 1853
Arsino Beebe Warner b: 22 JUN 1820 d: 1906
Marietta Harroun b: SEP 1830
Etta E. Warner b: 7 NOV 1867 d: 1 NOV 1936
George Ainsworth b: ABT 1872
Mertillo Warner b: ABT 1824
Eliza b: 4 JUN 1811 d: 7 MAR 1866
Andrew J. Warner b: ABT 1827
Elbert Warner b: ABT 1848
Georgianna Warner b: ABT 1841
Julietta Warner b: ABT 1846
Oliver Warner b: ABT 1823
Daniel Warner b: 22 MAY 1807 d: 5 FEB 1894
George W. Warner b: 1837
Mary Jane b: ABT 1851
Harriet Trimmer b: 13 MAR 1817 d: DEC 1885
Charles J. Warner b: 15 APR 1848 d: 4 FEB 1905
Joseph G. Warner b: 9 MAY 1846 d: 2 MAR 1910
Daniel Warner b: 1841
Ada b: ABT 1845
Cora E. Warner b: ABT 1854 d: 1917
Emily Warner b: 1805 d: 31 MAR 1877
Samuel Chadwick b: 1805 d: 1845
Warner Mertillo Chadwick b: ABT 1834 d: 1911
Isabella H. Johnson b: 1842 d: 1923