Edson, Samuel

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Samuel Edson
d: 19 JUL 1692
Samuel Edson, Senior
[Plym. Co. Prob. I: 143] "Samuel Edson Senr Inhabitant of the Town ofBridgwater" made his will 15 January, 1688/9. "Having already Disposedof moste of my Lands and a Great part of my Estate to my Children as Bytheir Deeds Doth appear" I "Bequeath to my Eldest son Samuel Edson myFowling peece and to my other two sons Joseph Edson and Josiah Edson mymusket Sword and Bandaleers." "to my three sons Samuel Edson JosephEdson and Josiah Edson to each of them a Draught chaine and also a Loggchain and all my wearing deaths to be Divided among them." "to my LovingWife Susanna Edson all the Rest of my Estate Both Personall and Reallhousing Lands Chattels and Cash all within Doors and without whatsoever Ihave not Otherwise Disposed of to be wholy at her Dispose During hernaturall Life and what is Left at her decease and mine Either Housinglands Chattels or Cash: all without Doores to be Equally Divided among mythree sons Samuel Edson Joseph Edson and Josiah Edson their heires andAsigns And all within Doores all my houshold Goods and Cash to be EquallyDivided among my five Daughters Elizabeth Susanna Sarah Mary and Bethiahtheir heirs and assignes" "my Loving Wife Susanna Edson to be myExecutrix and my son Samuel Edson and my son Josiah Edson to be Joynedwith her as Executors" "And I Doe .... desire Mr James Kieth JohnKingman Senr and Thomas Snell of Bridgwater to be overseers of this myLast Will" The witnesses were John Field, John Ames and Samuel Kinsley."John Ames and Samuel Kinsley two of The Witnesses" made oath to thewill, at Plymouth, 20 September, 1692.
[p. 144] "The Inventory of Samuel Edson Senr who deceased the 19th Day ofJuly 1692" was taken, 29 July, 1692, by Samuel Allen, Sr., and WilliamBrett, and was sworn to by "Samuel Edson and Josiah Edson the Sons of sdDeceased" on 20 September, 1692. The total was £148, 14s., 8d. The realestate was: "house and Land" *£50, and there was £30 in "Silvermoney". [There are no original papers in the files.] Abstracts ofPlymouth County Probate Records
  • 20 JUL 1692 - Burial - ; Old Church Yard, West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
  • 5 SEP 1613 - Christening - ; Fillongley, Warwickshire, England
  • 19 JUL 1692 - Death - ; West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Thomas Edson
ABT 1538 - 1587/1588
Thomas Edson
- AFT 1649
Samuel Edson
- 19 JUL 1692
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Thomas Edson
DeathAFT 1649
Marriage1 NOV 1596to Elizabeth Copson at Fillongley, Warwickshire, England
FatherThomas Edson
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Copson
Marriage1 NOV 1596to Thomas Edson at Fillongley, Warwickshire, England
FatherRobert Copson
MSamuel Edson
Death19 JUL 1692West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage1 MAR 1638to Susanna Bickley at Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Samuel Edson
Death19 JUL 1692 West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage1 MAR 1638to Susanna Bickley at Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
FatherThomas Edson
MotherElizabeth Copson
PARENT (F) Susanna Bickley
Death20 FEB 1699 West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage1 MAR 1638to Samuel Edson at Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England
FElizabeth Edson
BirthABT 1643Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Marriageto John Kingman
MarriageABT 1691to Richard Phillips
[S177][PlyProb] Plymouth County Probate Records
Descendancy Chart
Samuel Edson d: 19 JUL 1692
Susanna Bickley b: 1618 d: 20 FEB 1699
Elizabeth Edson b: ABT 1643
John Kingman b: 1633
Samuel Kingman b: 28 MAY 1670 d: 1742
Joanna Kingman b: 7 MAY 1701 d: 1742
Akerman Pettingell b: 30 JUN 1700 d: 1770
Daniel Pettingell b: 10 OCT 1726 d: 20 NOV 1808
Hannah Soper b: 25 FEB 1733
Silvia Pettingell b: 8 MAY 1761 d: 15 NOV 1822
Zebulon (Revolutionary Soldier) Phillips b: 5 FEB 1756 d: 15 APR 1825
Zebulon Phillips b: 1781 d: 15 DEC 1838
Rachel C Roberts b: 1780 d: 1860/1861
Emily Stillman Phillips b: 8 MAY 1814 d: 29 MAR 1869
Seymoure Hart Gooding b: 11 OCT 1807 d: 7 APR 1870
William Seymour Gooding b: 21 DEC 1852 d: 1921
Isabelle Harriet Gaines b: 26 APR 1855 d: 1922
10 Rodney Edwin (twin) Gooding b: 24 DEC 1876 d: 26 MAY 1956
Viola Elizabeth Cook b: 4 FEB 1873 d: 5 JAN 1942
Richard Phillips b: 1634/1635 d: BEF 22 NOV 1695