Haile, Minnie Nadene

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Minnie Nadene Haile
b: 2 AUG 1911
d: 7 AUG 1997
Daughter Nadine tells that two young women in the family, Pearl Eldoraand Minnie Virginia, were pregnant at the same time. Mary Beaver Haile,mother of Pearl and mother-in-law of Minnie Virginia, suggested that ifone of the young women had a girl that she might name the baby "Nadine."Mary Beaver had a box of powder with the name of "Nadine," and she likedthe name. Both young women had girls and both of the new mothers namedtheir little girls "Nadine." Nadine Haile Martin told this to Pat Kinseyin 1993. (Pat Kinsey e-mail 17 May 2005)
  • 2 AUG 1911 - Birth - ; Hutchinson, Texas
  • 7 AUG 1997 - Death - ; Clarendon, Donley, Texas
William Burder Haile
26 MAR 1870 - 20 NOV 1948
Minnie Nadene Haile
2 AUG 1911 - 7 AUG 1997
Walter Daniel Fisher
31 AUG 1852 - 4 OCT 1929
Minnie Virginia Fisher
28 AUG 1881 - 2 JUL 1912
Bettie Elizabeth Reynolds
26 JUL 1860 - 24 AUG 1936
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Burder Haile
Birth26 MAR 1870Dexter, Cooke, Texas
Death20 NOV 1948 Amarillo, Potter, Texas
Marriage20 FEB 1900to Minnie Virginia Fisher at Dozier, Collingsworth, Texas
PARENT (F) Minnie Virginia Fisher
Birth28 AUG 1881Texas
Death2 JUL 1912 Emporia, Lyon, Kansas
Marriage20 FEB 1900to William Burder Haile at Dozier, Collingsworth, Texas
FatherWalter Daniel Fisher
MotherBettie Elizabeth Reynolds
FVerdie Ruth Haile
Birth25 APR 1901Hutchinson, Texas
Death15 MAY 1988Clarendon, Donley, Texas
Marriageto James Monroe Harrington
MWilliam Chloris Haile
Birth22 FEB 1903Hutchinson, Texas
DeathMAY 1970Corona, Riverside, California
Marriageto Jean
Marriageto Eva
MJames Burder Haile
Birth2 JAN 1905Hutchinson, Texas
Death30 OCT 1972Hereford, Deaf Smith, Texas
Marriageto Hazel White
Marriageto Orceene
Marriage30 SEP 1948to Dorothy Powell
FBettie B. Haile
Birth19 AUG 1906Hutchinson, Texas
Death31 MAR 1951
Marriageto Clyde Holtzclaw
MPalmer Meade Haile
Birth12 DEC 1908Spring Creek, Hutchinson, Texas
Death13 MAY 1950Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Marriage29 JAN 1929to Cynthia Gwyn Youngblood at Clarendon, Donley, Texas
FMinnie Nadene Haile
Birth2 AUG 1911Hutchinson, Texas
Death7 AUG 1997Clarendon, Donley, Texas
Marriage6 AUG 1936to Clyde G. Martin
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Clyde G. Martin
Birth3 MAR 1908
Death16 DEC 1981 Clarendon, Donley, Texas
Marriage6 AUG 1936to Minnie Nadene Haile
PARENT (F) Minnie Nadene Haile
Birth2 AUG 1911Hutchinson, Texas
Death7 AUG 1997 Clarendon, Donley, Texas
Marriage6 AUG 1936to Clyde G. Martin
FatherWilliam Burder Haile
MotherMinnie Virginia Fisher
[S274]Personal Correspondance
Descendancy Chart
Minnie Nadene Haile b: 2 AUG 1911 d: 7 AUG 1997
Clyde G. Martin b: 3 MAR 1908 d: 16 DEC 1981