, Mary

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b: 10 JAN 1680
d: 7/07 MAR 1706/1707
According to "A Pettingell Genealogy, on page 14 Daniel [Pore Pettingale678] born in Newbury 16 Feb 1679-80 [1679 OS?] married first on Nov. 13,1699, Mary Stickney,[b 10 Jan 1680, Newbury] who died March 7, 1707."Note: he did not list the birthdate or the parents of the wife, who werewell known in Newbury, NE. Soon after the death of his wife Mary on 7 Mar1707, he married on 26 Mar 1707 to Hester French. cf: IGI pg 32,121Pettingale, Mary Daniel Pettingale/Mary F B 05Mar1707 Essex, Newbury seeRIN 913 Mary Pettingale was their 4th child, and her mother probably diedas a result of the birth. Investigation by a private attorney [I have acopy of the papers and his identity, but all of the data is in MArecords] discovered that Mary was born 10 Jan 1680, Newbury to SarahMorse born 1 May 1641 and died 7 Dec 1711 in Newbury and who married AmosStickney, b c 1635 Hull, Eng. on the 24 Jan 1663 in Newbury. AmosStickney died 29Aug1678. The unspoken problem was solved by omitting thebirth date for Mary and listing all 13 children by Daniel. Amos Stickneydied in Newbury on the 29 August 1678 after fathering ten children, thelast child was Moses Stickney, born 26 Nov 1677. The alleged MaryStickney was born on the 10 Jan 1680 in Newbury, to Sarah (Morse)Stickney, widow. Court papers show that a married man, John Atkinson, whohad ten children, was the father, and ordered to pay. Testimony showedthat Sarah the widow had affairs with at least two other men. That is whyI showed the last name of Mary the first wife of Daniel Pettingale as,Mary Atkinson-Morse, and John Atkinson as the father of an illegitimatedaughter. Mary is my 6GGM and Sarah is my 7GGM, but there is no bloodrelationship with Amos Stickney.
  • 10 JAN 1680 - Birth - ; Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
  • 7/07 MAR 1706/1707 - Death - ; Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
10 JAN 1680 - 7/07 MAR 1706/1707
Anthony Morse
- 12 OCT 1686
Sarah Morse
1 MAY 1641 - 7 DEC 1711
Ann Cox
- 9/09 MAR 1679/1680
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (F) Sarah Morse
Birth1 MAY 1641Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Death7 DEC 1711 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
MarriageNOT MARRIEDto ?
Marriage24 JUN 1663to Amos Stickney
Marriage17 DEC 1684to Stephen Acreman
FatherAnthony Morse
MotherAnn Cox
Birth10 JAN 1680Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Death7/07 MAR 1706/1707Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage13 NOV 1699to Daniel Pettingell
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Daniel Pettingell
Birth16/16 FEB 1679/1680Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Death12 MAY 1726 Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage13 NOV 1699to Mary
Marriage26/26 MAR 1707/1708to Esther French
FatherSamuel Ingersoll Pettingell
MotherSarah Farnum Poore
Birth10 JAN 1680Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Death7/07 MAR 1706/1707 Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage13 NOV 1699to Daniel Pettingell
MotherSarah Morse
MAkerman Pettingell
Birth30 JUN 1700Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA
Marriageto Mehitabel
Marriage23 AUG 1749to Deborah Colson at Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage17 SEP 1723to Joanna Kingman at North Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Descendancy Chart
Mary b: 10 JAN 1680 d: 7/07 MAR 1706/1707
Daniel Pettingell b: 16/16 FEB 1679/1680 d: 12 MAY 1726
Akerman Pettingell b: 30 JUN 1700 d: 1770
Joanna Kingman b: 7 MAY 1701 d: 1742
Daniel Pettingell b: 10 OCT 1726 d: 20 NOV 1808
Hannah Soper b: 25 FEB 1733
Silvia Pettingell b: 8 MAY 1761 d: 15 NOV 1822
Zebulon (Revolutionary Soldier) Phillips b: 5 FEB 1756 d: 15 APR 1825
Zebulon Phillips b: 1781 d: 15 DEC 1838
Rachel C Roberts b: 1780 d: 1860/1861
Emily Stillman Phillips b: 8 MAY 1814 d: 29 MAR 1869
Seymoure Hart Gooding b: 11 OCT 1807 d: 7 APR 1870
William Seymour Gooding b: 21 DEC 1852 d: 1921
Isabelle Harriet Gaines b: 26 APR 1855 d: 1922
Rodney Edwin (twin) Gooding b: 24 DEC 1876 d: 26 MAY 1956
Viola Elizabeth Cook b: 4 FEB 1873 d: 5 JAN 1942
Florence Abbie Gooding b: 28 MAR 1908 d: 14 NOV 1988
Rudolf Leuthardt b: 29 MAR 1907 d: 26 APR 1988