, Maurice De Berkeley

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Maurice de Berkeley
d: 12/12 FEB 1346/1347
His lands were seized by King Edward II when his father rebelled againstthe king and the Despensers. With his elder brother, Thomas, he pillagedDespenser property. He had restitution of his lands after the fall ofthe Despensers. In 1330 King Edward III retained him for life "to attendhim always." In 1337 the king granted him the manor of Sherrinton,Wiltshire, and, in 1339, the manor of Brimpsfield, Gloucestershire, nothof which formerly belonged to his brother-in-law, john Mautravers.[Plantagent, 260]

DEATH: His memory is commemorated in the great east window of GloucesterCathedral in the display of shields of the knights who fought in theCrécy and Calais campaigns of 1346 and 1347. [Plantagent, 260]
  • 12/12 FEB 1346/1347 - Death - ; at the siege of Calais
  • 15 Edward III - Knighted - knight banneret
  • 1346 - Military Service - ; Battle of Crécy
  • 1346/1347 - Military Service - died testate ; Siege of Calais
  • Occupation - Constable ; Gloucester, Gloucester, England
  • Occupation - Steward of the Duchy of Aquitaine
  • Nobility Title - Knight
Joan de Ferrers
- 19 MAR 1309
Maurice de Berkeley
- 12/12 FEB 1346/1347
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley
Marriageto Isabel de Clare
Marriageto Eve La Zouche
FatherThomas de Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley
MotherJoan de Ferrers
PARENT (F) Eve La Zouche
Marriageto Maurice de Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley
FatherEudes La Zouche
MotherMilicent de Cantilupe
MMaurice de Berkeley
Death12/12 FEB 1346/1347at the siege of Calais
Marriageto Margery de Vere
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Maurice de Berkeley
Death12/12 FEB 1346/1347 at the siege of Calais
Marriageto Margery de Vere
FatherMaurice de Berkeley, 2nd Baron Berkeley
MotherEve La Zouche
PARENT (F) Margery de Vere
Death21 MAY 1351
Marriageto Maurice de Berkeley
FatherAlphonse de Vere, Knight
MotherJoan Foliot
MThomas de Berkeley
BirthABT 1334
DeathBEF 29 SEP 1361
MarriageBEF 1350to Katherine Botetourt
Descendancy Chart
Maurice de Berkeley d: 12/12 FEB 1346/1347
Margery de Vere d: 21 MAY 1351
Thomas de Berkeley b: ABT 1334 d: BEF 29 SEP 1361
Katherine Botetourt d: 22/22 JAN 1387/1388
Maurice Berkeley b: 1 JUN 1358 d: 2 OCT 1400
Joan Dinham d: 22 AUG 1412
Maurice Berkeley b: 2/02 FEB 1400/1401 d: 26 NOV 1464
William Berkeley b: ABT 1436 d: 1501
Anne Stafford d: 1503
Richard Berkeley d: 1514
John Berkeley d: 1546
Henry Lygon b: ABT 1525 d: 31 JUL 1577
Edward Bassett d: BEF 5 NOV 1602
10 Jane Bassett d: 23 APR 1631
John Deighton d: 16 MAY 1640