Parker, Merdella

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Merdella Parker
b: 29 MAY 1889
d: 12 NOV 1915
She received her nursing training at Hattiesburg Hospital, Hattiesburg,Mississippi, and graduated on 1 May 1909.
She is buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, which is also known as theCrary Cemetery It is adjacent to the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church,founded by her grandfather, Reverend James Lazarus Bryars. Her headstonereads, "Just when we learned to love her most, God called her back toheaven."
Just a note for you so you won''t look for something that isn''t there,Grandmother Merdella Parker Champion does not have any middle name, justMerdella. Granny was supposed to have read that name in a book about theCivil War. The book would have to have been written in the dark ages,since our Grandmother was born in 1889. (Email from Jeanie, 19 Jan 2005).
From: Jeanie Wright [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, July11, 2009 5:36 PM To: John Reed Subject: Re: Grandmother
Our Grandmother''s name was Merdella, only. She named our Mother, MargaretMerdella for her Mother (Granny) and herself. Mother reversed it for oursister and Merdella reversed it back for Margaret. Margaret didn''t useeither names for Lizzie, making Merdella very mad. Our Grandmother wascalled Deb for some reason by some people. Do not know why and there isno one to ask anymore. It was a nickname.I have heard from Aunt Gladysand some that knew her, she as very beautiful and I have thought the nameDeb maybe meant Debutante. Who knows? Mother told me that the nameMerdella came from a book Granny was reading about the Civil War. I havenever been able to find out anything about that. Jay has our Grandmotherlisted correctly. Love you. Jeanie
  • 29 MAY 1889 - Birth - ; Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
  • NOV 1915 - Burial - ; Crary Memorial Cemetery, Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
  • 1900 - Census - U.S. ; Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
  • 1910 - Census - U.S. ; Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
  • 12 NOV 1915 - Death - ; Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
  • Occupation - Graduate Nurse
John Parker
ABT 1829 -
John Parker
28 SEP 1859 - 27 MAY 1924
Jane Thompson
ABT 1832 -
Merdella Parker
29 MAY 1889 - 12 NOV 1915
James Lazarus Bryars
7 DEC 1832 - 13 NOV 1908
Margaret Catherine Bryars
3 MAR 1864 - 9 MAR 1947
Erin Elizabeth Miles
1836 - 20 AUG 1868
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Parker
Birth28 SEP 1859Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Death27 MAY 1924 Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
Marriage8 JUL 1888to Margaret Catherine Bryars at Escambia, Florida
FatherJohn Parker
MotherJane Thompson
PARENT (F) Margaret Catherine Bryars
Birth3 MAR 1864Williams Station, Escambia, Alabama
Death9 MAR 1947 Jacksonville, Duval, Florida
Marriage8 JUL 1888to John Parker at Escambia, Florida
FatherJames Lazarus Bryars
MotherErin Elizabeth Miles
FMerdella Parker
Birth29 MAY 1889Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death12 NOV 1915Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
Marriage23 FEB 1915to William Robert Champion at Oneonta, Blount, Alabama
FMaggie Lou Parker
Birth5 JAN 1897Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death26 NOV 1974Jacksonville, Duval, Florida
Marriage23 DEC 1914to Robert Lacy Huntley at Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
MJames Earl Parker
Birth6 SEP 1894Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death11 AUG 1972Atmore, Escambia, Alabama
MarriageABT 1918to Lucille Cochran
FGladys Johnnie Parker
Birth17 OCT 1903Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death16 MAY 1991Melbourne, Brevard, Florida
Marriage22 NOV 1923to William Tillman Yearty at Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Robert Champion
Birth6 APR 1886Calera, Shelby, Alabama
Death31 AUG 1958 Camden, Benton, Tennessee
Marriage23 FEB 1915to Merdella Parker at Oneonta, Blount, Alabama
Marriage1 SEP 1918to Effie Etta Thompson at Benton, Tennessee
FatherShelby Franklin Champion
MotherCelia Katherine Allen
PARENT (F) Merdella Parker
Birth29 MAY 1889Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death12 NOV 1915 Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
Marriage23 FEB 1915to William Robert Champion at Oneonta, Blount, Alabama
FatherJohn Parker
MotherMargaret Catherine Bryars
FMargaret Merdella Champion
Birth14 JUN 1915Bluff Springs, Escambia, Florida
Death13 DEC 1965Jacksonville, Duval, Florida
Marriage7 OCT 1939to Robert James Reed at Jacksonville, Duval, Florida
[S273]Cemetery Record
[S262]Death Certificate/Record
Descendancy Chart
Merdella Parker b: 29 MAY 1889 d: 12 NOV 1915
William Robert Champion b: 6 APR 1886 d: 31 AUG 1958
Margaret Merdella Champion b: 14 JUN 1915 d: 13 DEC 1965
Robert James Reed b: 6 FEB 1904 d: 24 DEC 1977
Robert James Reed b: 18 JUL 1941 d: 28 NOV 1985
Merdella Margaret Reed b: 27 APR 1950 d: 7 MAR 2012
Gene Charles Huckleberry b: 20 JUL 1950 d: 2018
John Champion Reed b: 12 JUN 1944 d: 24 FEB 2012