Read, Hezekiah

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Hezekiah Read
b: 6 JUL 1663
William and Ruth''s orphaned son, Hezekiah, chose Josiah Reade and JohnReade as his guardians according to New London, Ct., court records of 13June 1679. "The Court haveing Considered of the petition of Hezekiah Readan orphane under age, & the allegations therein doe grant himLibertyaccording to Law to choose his Guardians, & accordingly he did inopen Court chose Josiah Read & John Read, his Elder Brothers, to be hisGuardians who are accepted by the Court & the sd orphan Committed totheir care for his good Education in the feare of God, good Literature, &some particular calling, and the sd orphane desireing to be with hisbother Jn Read dureing his minority to the age of twenty-0ne yeares, theCourt have Consented thereunto, he the sd John his Brother ingageingbefore the Cout to give him good education as before & to teach him thetrade of a weaver according to his best skill & to allow him Competent &Comfortable maintenance, meate, dinke, cloathing & other necessariesConvenient dureingthe sd terme & to pay him five pounds towards hissetting up at the expiration of the terme with Comly apparell, his EldestBrother & Guardian, the sd Josiah Read Consenting unto this dispose."[New London County Court Records, 3:124]{}
On 7 June 1681, "Ruth Percy Plaintiff Contra Jn Read Deffendt in anaction of Debt due to her for the sevice of her sonn Hezekiah Read forthe time he was with him to the value of eighteene pounts: In this actionthe Court orders a nonsuite." [ib. 3:156]{}

History of Norwich, Connecticut Frances Manwaring Caulkins.Chapter 30, Page 197

Chapter XXX. Read (or Read)

A third brother, Hezekiah Read, was considerably younger than the others. The father, whose Christian name has not been recovered, died in 1679,leaving Hezekiah a minor, who, in accordance with his own request, wascommitted by the court to the guardianship of his brothers, Josiah andJohn, "for his good education in the fear of God, good literature, andsome particular calling.**

John and Hezekiah Read do not come again within the range of our history. It is possible that they removed from the town, as in the nextgeneration we find only five of the name enrolled as householders, andthese were Josiah and his four sons, Josiah, Jr., William, John, andJoseph,--all of them "farmers in ye Crotch of ye Rivers."
**A Joseph Read appears at New London about as early as Josiah and John,who may have been the father of the family. The mother of Hezekiah Readin 1680 was Ruth Percy.
  • 6 JUL 1663 - Birth - ; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  • 12 JUL 1663 - Christening - ; First Church, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
  • 13 JUN 1679 - Guardianship - ; New London, New London, Connecticut
- BEF 1629
William Reade
ABT 1607 - BEF 13 JUN 1679
Hezekiah Read
6 JUL 1663 -
Ruth Crooke
ABT 1625 - AFT 7 JUN 1681
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Reade
BirthABT 1607England
DeathBEF 13 JUN 1679 Probably New London, Connecticut
Marriage20 MAR 1654to Ruth Crooke at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage12 OCT 1629to Susanna Hayme at Gillingham, Dorsetshire, England
PARENT (F) Ruth Crooke
BirthABT 1625Suffolk, England
DeathAFT 7 JUN 1681
Marriage20 MAR 1654to William Reade at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MWilliam Read
Birth3 FEB 1654Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
DeathAFT 1674
Marriage1675to Esther Thompson at Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts
MIsaac Read
Birth18 APR 1656Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MEphraim Read
Birth23 NOV 1657Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MJonathan Read
Birth23 APR 1659Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death2 JUL 1659Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Birth11 AUG 1660Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FRuth Read
Birth7 MAY 1662Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death17 JUL 1662Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MHezekiah Read
Birth6 JUL 1663Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FSarah Read
Birth26 JUN 1665Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FElizabeth Read
Birth22 DEC 1666Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
DeathBEF 22 APR 1669Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FElizabeth Read
Birth22 APR 1669Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage6 JUL 1691to Samuel Durham at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
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