Reade, Josiah

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Josiah Reade
b: ABT 1643
d: 3 JUL 1717
History of Norwich, Connecticut Frances Manwaring Caulkins.Chapter 30, Page 197

Chapter XXX. Read (or Read)

The marriage of Josiah Read to Grace, the daughter of William Holloway.took place at Marshfield in November, 1666. At this time he had probablycleared his home-lot and prepared his domicile in Norwich. About theyear 1687, he removed from the town-plot to a farm "over Showtucket," andwas probably the first permanent settler upon that gore of land which wasthen called "the Crotch," but afterward Newent. He had a brother John,at that time living "near Pease''s farm," within the present limits ofBozrah.

It is probable that the brothers Josiah and John Read married sisters.The farm of William Holloway in Marshfield fell to his two daughters. Itwas sold, one half in 1670, by "Josiah Reed or Norridge, in the Colony ofConnecticut," as the inheritance of his wife Grace, and the other half in1673, by "Hannah Read, formerly Holloway," whom we suppose to have beenthe wife of John. The only proof, however, is the coincidence of name.

A third brother, Hezekiah Read, was considerably younger than the others. The father, whose Christian name has not been recovered, died in 1679,leaving Hezekiah a minor, who, in accordance with his own request, wascommitted by the court to the guardianship of his brothers, Josiah andJohn, "for his good education in the fear of God, good literature, andsome particular calling.**

John and Hezekiah Read do not come again within the range of our history. It is possible that they removed from the town, as in the nextgeneration we find only five of the name enrolled as householders, andthese were Josiah and his four sons, Josiah, Jr., William, John, andJoseph,--all of them "farmers in ye Crotch of ye Rivers."
Josiah Read, the elder, died July 3, 1717.
Mrs. Grace Read, his wife, fied May 9, 1727.
William Read died Aug. 13, 1727, leaving a wife, Mary, and an estatevalued at 407 [pounds].
*Letter of Marcia Thomas of Marshfield.
**A Joseph Read appears at New London about as early as Josiah and John,who may have been the father of the family. The mother of Hezekiah Readin 1680 was Ruth Percy.
Viola Haynes note: On 13 Jun 1679, Hezekiah asked the court in NewLondon CT to appoint his brothers Josiah and John as his guardians, hepreferring to live with John. John was to train him as a weaver.
Helen Hunt Read:

JOSIAH READ was b. ca 1838 in Weymouth, MA. Other researchers have himborn about 1643 which would be impossible if he were an adult in 1659.In this later year Josiah purchased a 7-1/2 acre home lot in Morwich, CT. He was listed as a tailor in this deed but may not have pursued theoccupation after removing to Norwich. He purchased another farm innearby Newent in 1687 but did not sell his first farm until 1698. Heserved as a Town Constable. He m. Nov. 1666 in MArshfield, MA. to GRACEHOLLOWAY. Grace was born ca 1644 a daughter of Grae and William Hollowayof Marshfield, MA. Josiah d. 3 July 1717 and Grace died 9 May 1727 inNorwich, CT.
Debbie Harrison lists children as:
- Patience, b. Sep 1672
- Experience, b. Feb 1673/1674
- Elizabeth, b. Feb 1673/1674
- John, b. 15 Apr 1679
Josiah READ deserves mention as being probably the earliest white settlerin what was then called the crotch of the rivers Shetucket and Quinabaug,later known as Newent and now Lisbon. This was in 1687. He died July 3,1717. The estate of said Josiah Read, in Lisbon, has from his death tillthis time been in the possession of his descendants.
Historical Sketches of Lisbon, Conn. From 1786-1900. by Henry F. Bishop,NY: Henry F. Bishop (1903).
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  • 3 JUL 1717 - Death - ; Norwich, New London, Connecticut
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- BEF 1629
William Reade
ABT 1607 - BEF 13 JUN 1679
Josiah Reade
ABT 1643 - 3 JUL 1717
Susanna Hayme
ABT 1606 - 12 OCT 1653
- 19 FEB 1696
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) William Reade
BirthABT 1607England
DeathBEF 13 JUN 1679 Probably New London, Connecticut
Marriage20 MAR 1654to Ruth Crooke at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage12 OCT 1629to Susanna Hayme at Gillingham, Dorsetshire, England
PARENT (F) Susanna Hayme
BirthABT 1606England
Death12 OCT 1653 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage12 OCT 1629to William Reade at Gillingham, Dorsetshire, England
FatherEdward Hayme
FHannah Reade
Birth1632Batcombe, Somerset, England
Death25 NOV 1656Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
FSusannah Mercy Reade
Birth1634Batcombe, Somerset, England
Marriage13 DEC 1659to Samuel Smith at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage14 NOV 1689to Thomas Lincoln at Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
FMargaret Read
BirthABT 1636Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Marriage3 MAR 1659to Richard Stubbs at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MWilliam Read
Birth15 DEC 1639Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
DeathBEF 1654
FEsther Read
Birth8 MAY 1641Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
DeathTaunton, Bristol, Massachusetts
Marriage30 JUL 1661to John Cann at Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
MJosiah Reade
BirthABT 1643Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death3 JUL 1717Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage1 NOV 1666to Grace Holloway at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
MJohn Read
Birth25 SEP 1646Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death4/04 MAR 1727/1728Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MarriageABT 1685to Sarah
MarriageABT 1672to Hannah Holloway at Probably Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Josiah Reade
BirthABT 1643Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death3 JUL 1717 Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage1 NOV 1666to Grace Holloway at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
FatherWilliam Reade
MotherSusanna Hayme
PARENT (F) Grace Holloway
BirthABT 1645Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death9 MAY 1727 Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage1 NOV 1666to Josiah Reade at Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
FatherWilliam Holloway
MJoseph Read
Birth12/12 MAR 1680/1681Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death17 FEB 1753Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage25 AUG 1708to Mercy Guppie at New London, New London, Connecticut
FSusana Read
Birth20 SEP 1685Norwich, New London, Connecticut
FHannah Read
Birth6 JUL 1688Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death19 MAY 1761
Marriage18 NOV 1713to Benjamin Fitch at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
MWilliam Read
BirthAPR 1670Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death16/16 MAR 1735/1736Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage4 MAY 1699to Anna Stark at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
FExperience Read
Birth27 FEB 1675Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage15 JUN 1697to Shadrack Lamphere at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
FPatience Reed
BirthSEP 1672New London, New London, Connecticut
Death11 MAR 1740Tolland, Tolland, Connecticut
Marriage8 JUN 1692to William Brewster at New London, Connecticut
FElizabeth Reed
BirthSEP 1672Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death11 MAR 1692Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage8 JAN 1692to William Brewster at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
MJohn Read
Birth15 APR 1679Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death16 APR 1768Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage8 OCT 1713to Lydia Caswell at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
MJosiah Read
BirthAPR 1668Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death9 JAN 1752Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage3 JUN 1697to Elizabeth Amsden at Norwich, New London, Connecticut
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Descendancy Chart
Josiah Reade b: ABT 1643 d: 3 JUL 1717
Grace Holloway b: ABT 1645 d: 9 MAY 1727
Joseph Read b: 12/12 MAR 1680/1681 d: 17 FEB 1753
Mercy Guppie b: ABT 1680 d: 9 MAY 1727
Samuel Read b: 16 OCT 1721 d: 17 JAN 1801
Esther Reed b: 22 NOV 1714 d: 13/13 FEB 1740/1741
Jacob Reed b: 1/01 FEB 1702/1703 d: 25 MAY 1774
Marcy Read b: 28 NOV 1712
Mary Read b: 19 AUG 1717
Elizabeth Read b: 28 JUN 1719
Abigail Read b: 7/07 FEB 1711/1712
Joseph Read b: 23 MAY 1709 d: 24 APR 1774
Susana Read b: 20 SEP 1685
Hannah Read b: 6 JUL 1688 d: 19 MAY 1761
Benjamin Fitch b: 29 MAR 1691 d: 10 OCT 1727
Benajah Fitch b: 30 JUL 1721 d: 25 JAN 1805
Sarah Palmer b: ABT 1712 d: 18 FEB 1819
Ebenezer Fitch b: 1/01 FEB 1724/1725 d: 13 FEB 1797
Mary Huntington b: 26 NOV 1728 d: 4 DEC 1798
Mary Fitch b: 26 SEP 1714 d: 22 JAN 1798
David Andrus b: 29 JUL 1713 d: 24 FEB 1766
John Fitch b: 13/13 JAN 1715/1716 d: 12 APR 1737
Abiah Fitch b: 28 DEC 1717
Benjamin Fitch b: 22 AUG 1719 d: 12 JUL 1780
Zipporah Haskell b: 11 APR 1723 d: 8 DEC 1795
William Read b: APR 1670 d: 16/16 MAR 1735/1736
Anna Stark d: 25 NOV 1748
Nathan Read b: 2 JUL 1720
Jerusha Read b: 6/06 MAR 1716/1717
Aaron Read b: 11 OCT 1702 d: 23 MAY 1752
Daniel Read b: 31 OCT 1714
Daniel Read b: 16/16 FEB 1704/1705 d: infancy
Sarah Read b: 28 DEC 1711
Joseph Knight d: 25 MAY 1739
Anna Read b: 4 JUL 1712
William Read b: 24 MAR 1700
Experience Read b: 27 FEB 1675
Patience Reed b: SEP 1672 d: 11 MAR 1740
William Brewster b: 22 MAR 1669 d: 11 AUG 1728
Elizabeth Reed b: SEP 1672 d: 11 MAR 1692
William Brewster b: 22 MAR 1669 d: 11 AUG 1728
John Read b: 15 APR 1679 d: 16 APR 1768
Lydia Caswell b: 1700 d: 25 MAY 1790
Anne Read b: 19/19 FEB 1731/1732 d: 11/11 MAR 1736/1737
Joanna Read b: 26 OCT 1729
Nathaniel Bingham b: 16 MAY 1725
Anne Read b: 29 MAR 1738
Jabez Read b: 20 MAY 1745 d: 26 MAY 1814
Lydia Babcock b: ABT 1752 d: 14 MAY 1821
Zerviah Read b: 11 NOV 1727 d: 3 JUN 1756
Thankful Read b: 31 OCT 1725
John Read b: 14 NOV 1716
Silas Read b: 25 AUG 1720 d: 21 NOV 1748
Lucy Read b: 16 APR 1723 d: 2 SEP 1763
David Longbottom b: 31 MAY 1717
Lydia Read b: 23 APR 1715
Elizabeth Read b: 19 SEP 1735
Judith Read b: 26 MAR 1733
William Gallup b: 4 JUL 1723
Josiah Read b: APR 1668 d: 9 JAN 1752
Elizabeth Amsden b: 3 FEB 1678 d: 23 MAY 1749
Elizabeth Reed b: 4 APR 1698 d: 1766
Samuel Coy b: 16/16 FEB 1697/1698 d: 1776
Isaac Read b: 30 AUG 1699
David Read b: 17 JUN 1706 d: 9 MAR 1763
Hannah Raynsford b: 7 AUG 1706 d: 18 NOV 1799
John B. Reed b: 1712
Jacob Reed b: 1/01 FEB 1702/1703 d: 25 MAY 1774
Esther Reed b: 22 NOV 1714 d: 13/13 FEB 1740/1741
Sarah Gale b: 14 AUG 1706 d: 11/11 FEB 1732/1733