Reed, Harriet

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Harriet Reed
b: 29 MAR 1849
d: 25 MAY 1910
Cemetery photo by Janet Sullivan, May 2005, shows birth as 1851; she wason the 1850 Census, age 1; on the 1860 Census, age is 13; 1900 Census asMar 1849; 1910 Census, age is 58. Believe 1849 is best year.

No children: Letter from Marcella Gamal Sanders to Janet Sullivan, May2005; on 1900 Census, shown as married 15 years with no children.
  • 29 MAR 1849 - Birth - ; Coshocton, Ohio
  • 27 MAY 1910 - Burial - ; Kirkwood Cemetery, London, Madison, Ohio
  • 1850 - Census - U.S. ; Pike Township, Coshocton, Ohio
  • 1860 - Census - U.S. ; Oak Run Township, Madison, Ohio
  • 1870 - Census - U.S. ; Madison, Ohio
  • 1900 - Census - U.S. ; Madison, Ohio
  • 1910 - Census - U.S. ; Madison, Ohio
  • 25 MAY 1910 - Death - ; Monroe Township, Madison, Ohio
Calvin Reed
19 OCT 1773 - AFT 1830
Benjamin Harvey Reed
1796 - 13 SEP 1877
Harriet Reed
29 MAR 1849 - 25 MAY 1910
Elizabeth J. McDonald
4 NOV 1811 - 18 MAR 1901
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Benjamin Harvey Reed
Birth1796Onondaga, New York
Death13 SEP 1877 Jefferson Township, Madison, Ohio
Marriage29 DEC 1837to Elizabeth J. McDonald at Coshocton, Ohio
Marriage14 APR 1823to Abigail Johnson at Washington, Ohio
FatherCalvin Reed
MotherOlivia Elizabeth Warner
PARENT (F) Elizabeth J. McDonald
Birth4 NOV 1811Muskingum, Ohio
Death18 MAR 1901 London, Madison, Ohio
Marriage29 DEC 1837to Benjamin Harvey Reed at Coshocton, Ohio
MJames Johnson Reed
BirthJUN 1851Oak Run Township, Madison, Ohio
Death7 NOV 1917Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Marriage25 MAR 1880to Sarah Elizabeth Anderson at Madison, Ohio
FIsabel Reed
BirthABT 1852Oak Run Township, Madison, Ohio
DeathinfancyOak Run Township, Madison, Ohio
MCharles Calvin Reed
BirthABT 1838Coshocton, Ohio
Death31 AUG 1888Madison, Ohio
Marriage9 FEB 1882to Sarah Elizabeth Thomas at Madison, Ohio
FSarah Amanda Reed
BirthABT 1843Coschocton, Ohio
Death14 JUN 1900London, Madison, Ohio
Marriage28 DEC 1871to John Moreland at Madison, Ohio
FLydia Catherine Reed
Birth18 NOV 1844Coshocton, Ohio
Death19 JAN 1904Harpster, Wyandot, Ohio
Marriage13 MAR 1873to John Andrew Irwin at Wyandot, Ohio
MBenjamin Lewis Reed
Birth14 JUL 1840Coshocton, Ohio
Death11 JUN 1928Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana
Marriage27 NOV 1865to Mary Jane Miller at Franklin, Ohio
Marriage26 MAY 1883to Isabel Allman at Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana
MOliver Perry Reed
Birth22 FEB 1847Coshocton, Ohio
Death12 MAR 1941Madison, Ohio
Marriage9 MAR 1871to Missouri Miller at Madison, Ohio
FHarriet Reed
Birth29 MAR 1849Coshocton, Ohio
Death25 MAY 1910Monroe Township, Madison, Ohio
Marriage23 SEP 1886to John W. Rutledge at Madison, Ohio
MGeorge E. Reed
Birth18 DEC 1855Oak Run Township, Madison, Ohio
Death23 MAY 1889Harpster, Wyandot, Ohio
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John W. Rutledge
BirthFEB 1841Ohio
DeathBEF 1910
Marriage23 SEP 1886to Harriet Reed at Madison, Ohio
PARENT (F) Harriet Reed
Birth29 MAR 1849Coshocton, Ohio
Death25 MAY 1910 Monroe Township, Madison, Ohio
Marriage23 SEP 1886to John W. Rutledge at Madison, Ohio
FatherBenjamin Harvey Reed
MotherElizabeth J. McDonald
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Descendancy Chart
Harriet Reed b: 29 MAR 1849 d: 25 MAY 1910
John W. Rutledge b: FEB 1841 d: BEF 1910