Reed, William

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William Reed
b: AFT 1750
d: 30 APR 1814
Vital Records Book 3, 1843-1861, page 77B. 47 early marriages from the1770s-1790s that had previously been recorded somewhere else were copiedinto this book and certified as true copies on the facing pages 77A and77B, following the marriages of 1852, by the then Town Clerk of Wmsb.Despite personally photocopying all the known surviving vital records ofWilliamsburg in the custody of the present Clerk, I have never found theplace where these marriages were *originally* recorded, so the copies arenow the only official record of them.
17 Aug 1801, Child of Willaim READ
3 Oct 1801, Child of William READ
30 Apr 1814, William READ

Register of the Deaths in Northampton [Hampshire Co., MA] From the FirstSettlement of the Town In 1653 to Augus 1824. Copied From the TownRecords & from the Records of Deac. Ebenezer HUNT, Rev. John HOOKER, Rev.Solomon WILLIAMS, Doct. Eben HUNT, & Doct. David HUNT. Northampton :1824. [Transcribed by Jane Devlin]
The first settlement upon the territory now covered by Savoy, was made in1777, by Capt. Lemuel Hathaway and family, from Taunton. Within ten yearsfrom that time, 34 other families settled, viz. tliose of DanielWitherell, Wm. Wilbore, Joseph Williams, Jr., Wm. Williams, ThomasWilliams, Loved Eddy and Zechariah Paddleford, from Taunton; John Brown,Joseph Bishop, Comfort Bates, Abel Dunham, Michael Sweet and DavidMatthews, from Attleborough ; Simeon Hodges and Snellem Babbit, fromNorton ; Peleg Hathaway, Nathan Sherman and William Reed, fromMiddleborough ; William Ingraham from Rehoboth ; Joshua Felt from Easton; James Nelson from Brimfield ; Nathan Haskins from Shutesbury,previously from Berkley ; Samuel Rogers and William Tolman, from Sharon;Peter Bonnet and Elizur Edson, immediately from Pelham, but previouslyfrom Middleborough ; William Bowen from Warren, R. I. ; Samuel Read,Shubael Fuller, Azariah Heath, Joseph Putney, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Hamlin,from some part of Connecticut.
-- History of Western Massachusetts By Josiah Gilbert Holland
  • AFT 1750 - Birth -
  • 1790 - Census - U.S. Census ; Morthfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  • 30 APR 1814 - Death - ; Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  • 2 MAY 1763 - Residence - ; Chesterfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  • 1772 - Tax Record - ; Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  • From 21 APR 1775 to OCT 1778 - Military Service - Massachusetts Militia and Continental Army, Revolutionary War ; Williamsburgh, Hampshire, Massachusetts
  • 2 MAY 1763 - Residence - ; Chesterfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Thomas Read
ABT 1686 - 29 DEC 1749
Hezekiah Reed
23/23 FEB 1720/1721 - 19 MAR 1794
Rebecca Palmer
29 Feb 1689/1690 - 7/07 MAR 1725/1726
William Reed
AFT 1750 - 30 APR 1814
Josiah Hadlock
2/02 MAR 1701/1702 - AFT 1772
Hannah Hadlock
30 OCT 1726 - BEF 28 DEC 1766
Dinah Booth
29 SEP 1703 - BEF 1748
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Hezekiah Reed
Birth23/23 FEB 1720/1721Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death19 MAR 1794 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Marriageto Elizabeth (Possible-See Notes) at Hampshire, Massachusetts
Marriage16/16 FEB 1746/1747to Hannah Hadlock at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
FatherThomas Read
MotherRebecca Palmer
PARENT (F) Hannah Hadlock
Birth30 OCT 1726Enfield, Hartford, Connecticut
DeathBEF 28 DEC 1766 Hampshire, Massachusetts
Marriage16/16 FEB 1746/1747to Hezekiah Reed at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
FatherJosiah Hadlock
MotherDinah Booth
MBenjamin Reed
Birth3 SEP 1748Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death19 SEP 1777Stillwater, Saratoga, New York
Marriage19 JAN 1770to Levina Reed at Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
FHannah Reed
BirthAFT 1750
Marriage1777to Nathan Mighill at Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
MJesse Reed
BirthAFT 1750
DeathBEF MAR 1792Charlemont, Franklin, Massachusetts
Marriageto Ruth Rice
MWilliam Reed
BirthAFT 1750
Death30 APR 1814Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Marriage6 MAY 1779to Martha Davis at Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
FTamer Reed
BirthAFT 1750
MHezekiah Reed
BirthABT 1761Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Death3 APR 1827Essex, New York
Marriage21 JAN 1779to Sarah Noyes at New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Reed
BirthAFT 1750
Death30 APR 1814 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Marriage6 MAY 1779to Martha Davis at Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
FatherHezekiah Reed
MotherHannah Hadlock
PARENT (F) Martha Davis
Marriage6 MAY 1779to William Reed at Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
FClarinda Reed
Birth21 MAR 1780Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
FLucinda Reed
Birth5 APR 1782Williamsburg, Hampshire, Massachusetts
[S301]Family Genalogy File
[S262]Death Certificate/Record
[S399]History of Western Massachusetts
[S400]Gazetteer of Hampshire County, Mass., 1654-1887
[S261]Military Record
Descendancy Chart
William Reed b: AFT 1750 d: 30 APR 1814
Clarinda Reed b: 21 MAR 1780
Lucinda Reed b: 5 APR 1782