Roden, Annie Mae

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Annie Mae Roden
b: JAN 1881
d: 19 AUG 1957
  • JAN 1881 - Birth - ; Alabama
  • 21 AUG 1957 - Burial - ; Evergreen Cemetery, Paris, Lamar, Texas
  • 1900 - Census - U.S. ; Lamar, Texas
  • 1910 - Census - U.S. ; Lamar, Texas
  • 1920 - Census - U.S. ; Lamar, Texas
  • 19 AUG 1957 - Death - ; Paris, Lamar, Texas
Thomas M. Roden
1827 - BEF 1880
James Armstrong Roden
MAY 1851 - Between 9 Apr 1926 to 11 Jun 1926
Nancy Clarissa Whiteside
DEC 1825 - ABT 1907
Annie Mae Roden
JAN 1881 - 19 AUG 1957
Francis Annie Porter
30 SEP 1855 - 8 APR 1894
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Armstrong Roden
BirthMAY 1851Alabama
DeathBetween 9 Apr 1926 to 11 Jun 1926
Marriageto Francis Annie Porter
Marriageto Josephine E.
Marriage8 NOV 1899to Ida Elizabeth Caldwell at Bowie, Texas
FatherThomas M. Roden
MotherNancy Clarissa Whiteside
PARENT (F) Francis Annie Porter
Birth30 SEP 1855Alabama
Death8 APR 1894 Petty, Lamar, Texas
Marriageto James Armstrong Roden
FWillie Earl Roden
Birth9 JAN 1889Petty, Lamar, Texas
Death19 OCT 1970Dallas, Dallas, Texas
Marriage14 OCT 1908to Theodore L. Hollingsworth at Lamar, Texas
FMaggie Lee Roden
BirthFEB 1876Alabama
FAnnie Mae Roden
BirthJAN 1881Alabama
Death19 AUG 1957Paris, Lamar, Texas
Marriage30 OCT 1904to E.M. Margraves at Lamar, Texas
FElla Roden
Birth8 APR 1883Alabama
Death13 APR 1935Petty, Lamar, Texas
Marriage25 OCT 1904to Benjamin F. Johnson at Lamar, Texas
MRobert Mayberry Roden
BirthMAY 1886Alabama
Death1 MAR 1950Ventura, Ventura, California
Marriage30 AUG 1908to Minnie Corrall at Lamar, Texas
Marriageto Abbie Mae Hartley
FLillie Pearl Roden
Birth9 JAN 1889Texas
Death26 SEP 1976Houston, Harris, Texas
Marriageto Charles O. Guynes
Marriageto Porter
MAlbert Verna Roden
Birth2 MAY 1892Petty, Lamar, Texas
Death4 APR 1971Sherman, Grayson, Texas
Marriage10 FEB 1921to Lucille Lena Martin at White Rock, Lamar, Texas
FMary E. Roden
BirthABT 1874Alabama
MMarcus H. Roden
BirthABT 1878Alabama
MRoy M. Roden
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) E.M. Margraves
Birth21 FEB 1875Tennessee
Death20 JUN 1939 Paris, Lamar, Texas
Marriage30 OCT 1904to Annie Mae Roden at Lamar, Texas
PARENT (F) Annie Mae Roden
BirthJAN 1881Alabama
Death19 AUG 1957 Paris, Lamar, Texas
Marriage30 OCT 1904to E.M. Margraves at Lamar, Texas
FatherJames Armstrong Roden
MotherFrancis Annie Porter
MRoss D. Margraves
Birth11 APR 1914Texas
Death4 SEP 1975Harris, Texas
Marriageto Nina Benware
MPaul Murry Margraves
Birth5 NOV 1905Petty, Lamar, Texas
Death4 NOV 1956Paris, Lamar, Texas
Marriage1925to Elizabeth M. Williams
MWilliam Henderson Margraves
Birth1911Roxton, Lamar, Texas
Death30 JAN 1943San Angelo, Tom Green, Texas
[S273]Cemetery Record
[S263]Obituary/Death Notice
Descendancy Chart
Annie Mae Roden b: JAN 1881 d: 19 AUG 1957
E.M. Margraves b: 21 FEB 1875 d: 20 JUN 1939
Ross D. Margraves b: 11 APR 1914 d: 4 SEP 1975
Paul Murry Margraves b: 5 NOV 1905 d: 4 NOV 1956
Elizabeth M. Williams b: 26 NOV 1907 d: 22 FEB 2003
William Henderson Margraves b: 1911 d: 30 JAN 1943