Wilson, Pearl Anna

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Pearl Anna Wilson
b: 19 SEP 1884
d: 14 JUN 1965
Notes from Debbie Harrison:
"In an article in a Boise Paper published 2 years after Tom Edwardsdied..there is a picture of Pearl holding a large cat with her house inthe background. The article, written by Porter Ward says.."The whitehouse stands on Hill road, just off Edwards street. Sometimes PearlEdwards strolls down to the woodpile at the corner of the old hous, justa few steps away. The old house is weathered dark as saddle leather.Stranger and Twister, the two cats, follow her down. Sometimes sheglances at the old house, memories stirring. Tom Edwards passed on twoyears ago. He put the old home up in 1908, hauling stone for thefoundation from Table Rock and digging the basement cool and deep. On theten acres Tom raised some of the finest sweet Spanish onions and sweetpotatoes the valley has ever known. Pearl Wilson and Tom were married in1905 and six children came to play around the old house and the new whiteone Tom erected next door in 1912. Then the old house became a potatocellar. Today its a storage house, with tools and other machinerylittering the inside. Nesting squirrels peak from the attic or scoldinvaders. Although nearly a half-century has etched its wrinkles in herstanchions, she sits proud and solid on her rock foundation. Tom Edwardsbuilt her good."
In Pearl''s Obituary it states that she and her husband Tom operated agreenhouse known as the Thomas F. Edwards Gardens and Greenhouses 4301Hill Road, for many years.
In January of 2000, I asked Jean Marshall Irvine, Marilyn Marshall Lemmanand Donald Marshall for their memories of some of the family members.Here is what they remember about "Aunt Pearl".

Marilyn- Pearl was about 5''4" and had blue, green or hazel eyes. Shedeveloped arthritis in her later years. She was a very kind and generousperson, always pleasant even though she led a tremendously active lifewith 5 children and helping to run a vegetable farm. She died at about 81of kidney failure. She had been very crippled and used a cane before herdeath.

Jean-Besides the information she gave Marilyn, she added that Pearl was avery kind and understanding person...and a hard working farm wife.

Don- Nice lady..on family picnics in Boise, she would bring a milk canfull of beets on ice water. She and Uncle Tom always drove DeSotos. Afarm wife with lots of cats and kittens around. Died elderly.

Debbie- Aunt Pearl''s home stands out most vividly in my childhoodmemories. She had a huge barn filled with kittens and we just Loved toplay there. I remember her washing us off in a tin tub under a pump inher front yard! I also remember sleeping in their covered outside porchin the summer. The walls were decorated with heads of Bighorn Sheep, Deerand Antelope. I can''t remember how old I was when these memoriesoccurred, but it was a very positive, enjoyable experience.
  • 19 SEP 1884 - Birth - ; Boise, Ada, Idaho
  • 14 JUN 1965 - Death - ; Boise, Ada, Idaho
  • DEC 1943 - Residence - ; Boise, Ada, Idaho
  • DEC 1943 - Residence - ; Boise, Ada, Idaho
John Vance Wilson
30 APR 1843 - 6 APR 1919
Pearl Anna Wilson
19 SEP 1884 - 14 JUN 1965
John McClellan
16 MAR 1777 - FEB 1866
Amanda Melvina McClellan
3 APR 1844 - 10 MAY 1910
Amanda Melvina Reed
14 JUL 1804 - 21 JAN 1895
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Vance Wilson
Birth30 APR 1843Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana
Death6 APR 1919 Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage16 NOV 1869to Amanda Melvina McClellan at Boise, Ada, Idaho
PARENT (F) Amanda Melvina McClellan
Birth3 APR 1844Fairview, Fulton, Illinois
Death10 MAY 1910 Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage16 NOV 1869to John Vance Wilson at Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage17 AUG 1862to Ephriam Palmer at Dayton, Yamhill, Oregon
FatherJohn McClellan
MotherAmanda Melvina Reed
FMary Leona Wilson
Birth13 JUN 1882Boise, Ada, Idaho
Death8 JUN 1969Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage5 DEC 1930to Albert O. Rubin at Santa Ana, Orange, California
FElizabeth Belle Wilson
Birth2 AUG 1879Buchanan, Taylor, Iowa
Death24 AUG 1923Portland, Multnomah, Oregon
Marriage15 NOV 1899to Henry Oliver Hill at Boise, Ada, Idaho
FPearl Anna Wilson
Birth19 SEP 1884Boise, Ada, Idaho
Death14 JUN 1965Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage28 DEC 1905to Thomas Franklin Edwards at Boise, Ada, Idaho
FElla Mae Wilson
Birth5 JAN 1877Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho
Death16 JUN 1899Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho
Marriage1893to John Thomas Shortridge
FHarriet Amanda Wilson
Birth19 JUL 1870Boise, Ada, Idaho
Death26 AUG 1959Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage18 NOV 1896to George S. Nibler at Boise, Ada, Idaho
MJohn McClellan Wilson
Birth11 AUG 1872Boise, Ada, Idaho
Death11 APR 1908Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho
MThomas Reed Wilson
Birth30 OCT 1874Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho
Death6 DEC 1943Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho
Marriageto Jesse W. Hoffman
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Thomas Franklin Edwards
Birth9 JAN 1880Sterling, Whiteside, Illinois
Death31 MAY 1954 Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage28 DEC 1905to Pearl Anna Wilson at Boise, Ada, Idaho
PARENT (F) Pearl Anna Wilson
Birth19 SEP 1884Boise, Ada, Idaho
Death14 JUN 1965 Boise, Ada, Idaho
Marriage28 DEC 1905to Thomas Franklin Edwards at Boise, Ada, Idaho
FatherJohn Vance Wilson
MotherAmanda Melvina McClellan
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Descendancy Chart
Pearl Anna Wilson b: 19 SEP 1884 d: 14 JUN 1965
Thomas Franklin Edwards b: 9 JAN 1880 d: 31 MAY 1954