Read, John

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John Read
b: ABT 1685
d: 5 MAR 1735
Helen Hunt Read, p. 15:
John was born about 1685 in or near Norwich, CT. He moved to Windham,CT. with his father when ten years old and grew up on the family farm.Aside from farming for his own use and profit, he operated a grist mill.

On Jul 23, 1718 his father deeded John part of the home lot and part ofthe home pasture. It appears his brother Thomas received an equalportion about the same time. In the property deed ledgers at Windham wesee John, sr. and John, jr. were involved in a number of transactions asco-owners. Whether these were speculative ventures or whether theyactually farmed the additional lots is now impossible to tell. A deed of21 June 1734 mentions John, jr.''s gristmill, ditch. dam and dwellingproperty which he held in common with Hezekiah Follett.

Both John, sr. and John, jr. signed their names in longhand and John, sr.had several books listed in his estate inventory. Thus we can assumeboth generations had at least the rudiments of education.

John, jr. married 14 March 1710/11 to MARY BRANCH who was born 28 June1685 probably a daughter of Perter and Hannah (Lincoln) Branch. She diedat Windham, CT. 8 Oct. 1718. On 27 April 1721 he took HANNAH PALMER ashis second wife. She was a daughter of Jonah and Elizabeth (Kendrick)Palmer.

John died 3 March 1734/5 in windham, CT. Earlier research by othersindicates he had a will but it cannot now be located. Since John, jr.left several minor children there might have been interesting probateproceedings to safeguard their interests. It is unfortunate thispaperwork is missing. The family likely fared quite well as Hannahcontinued to occupy John''s property. She likely rented out her landuntil the children were able to help or came of age.

Written on several dates in 1752 we find a series of deeds between John''svarious children and widow Hannah. By these deeds we can verify thechildren each received a portion of the estate and by deed cleared theinheritance of one another. Some took specific pieces of propery andothers took cash.

Hannah never remarried, remaining John''s widow just over twenty years.She died in Windham, CT. 12 Oct 1755.

In 1924 the Anne Wood Elderkin Chapter of the DAR put a brass plaque atthe side of a road in Windham to commenorate the "Legend of the Battle ofthe Frogs." As it happens, the Read farm abutted or contained the pondthat is elemental to this story. As the Indians were still troublesomein 1758, the people were always fearful of attacks. One night, soonafter midnight, a strange noise startled the neighborhood awake. Itsounded like yells and screeches of infuriated Indians. (Some thoughtthe noise was coming from overhead and thought Judgement day had come.)People prepared their guns and run out to face the invading foes. Thenoise grew lousder and louder and some ventured up the hill towards thepond - which seemed to be the direction of the noise. They soondetermined there was no danger from the Indians. In the morning a fewmen again went up the hill towards the mill pond and discovered thesource of the horrid noise. Because of the drought the bull frogs hadfought a fierce battle for possession of the meager water that remainedin the pond. During the ruthless battle the frogs screeched so theyproduced the frightening noises. The "combatatabts were found defunct"on both side of the pond! Of course, afterwards it was known as FrogPond.
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Hi John, Was at the Windham Town Hall the other day. Here is a source forHezekiah''s birth. Family Records, Vol II, Town of Windham, pp. 74. Thisis a handwritten transcription of the original VRs (which I also viewed)for the town. They are written as a chronological family history. Itranscribed the entire page and will send to you when I get more time.The family dates for birth, deaths and Thomas Read''s marriages matcheverything you already had.
There were several Reads in the records there. Here is something from thesame book/volume from pp. 80-81 (again this may be something you havealready)
John Read m Meary Branch March 14, 1711
Children of John Read and Mary Branch Read
Nathaniel b March 12, 1712 d March 12, 1712
Meary b August 7, 1713
Elizabeth b September 18, 1715
John b January 10, 1716-17 d November 10, 1717
Nathan b September 1, 1718 d November 11, 1718
Meary Branch Read d October 8, 1718
John Read m Hannah Palmer April 27, 1721
Children of John Read and Hannah Palmer Read
Hannah b April 7, 1722
John b August 4, 1723
Elihu b. June 16, 1725 d July 11, 1726
Seth b December 22, 1726 d February 6, 1734
Amasa b May 15, 1729
Irena b February 4, 1730-31
Susannah b February 24, 1733-34 d April 16, 1735
John Read d March 3, 1735 at abt 50 yrs
Hannah Palmer Read d October 12, 1755 at 60 yrs
  • ABT 1685 - Birth - ; Norwich, New London, Connecticut
  • 5 MAR 1735 - Death - ; Windham, Windham, Connecticut
  • 23 JUL 1718 - Land Transaction - Part of home lot and pasture ; Windham, Windham, Connecticut
  • 1726 - Church Record - First Congregational Church ; Windham, Windham, Connecticut
  • 21 JUN 1734 - Land Transaction - Home and gristmill ; Windham, Windham, Connecticut
  • Nobility Title - Jr.
William Reade
ABT 1607 - BEF 13 JUN 1679
John Read
25 SEP 1646 - 4/04 MAR 1727/1728
Susanna Hayme
ABT 1606 - 12 OCT 1653
John Read
ABT 1685 - 5 MAR 1735
William Holloway
- BEF 1/01 MAR 1652/1653
Hannah Holloway
ABT 1650 - BEF 16 FEB 1694
ABT 1610 - 23 JUN 1666
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Read
Birth25 SEP 1646Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death4/04 MAR 1727/1728 Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MarriageABT 1685to Sarah
MarriageABT 1672to Hannah Holloway at Probably Norwich, New London, Connecticut
FatherWilliam Reade
MotherSusanna Hayme
PARENT (F) Hannah Holloway
BirthABT 1650Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
DeathBEF 16 FEB 1694 Norwich, New London, Connecticut
MarriageABT 1672to John Read at Probably Norwich, New London, Connecticut
FatherWilliam Holloway
FChristian Read
BirthABT 1690Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death27 SEP 1721Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage5 MAY 1709to John Flint at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FSarah Read
BirthABT 1682Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Marriage24 APR 1700to Isaac Hall at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MThomas Read
BirthABT 1686Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death29 DEC 1749Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage9 NOV 1726to Esther Webb at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage28/28 FEB 1711/1712to Rebecca Palmer at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FMary Reed
Birth14 JUN 1687Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death7 MAR 1763Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage3 DEC 1702to Robert Hibbard at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FConstant Reed
BirthABT 1692Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death18 JAN 1759Coventry, Tolland, Connecticut
Marriageto David Fuller
MJohn Read
BirthABT 1685Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death5 MAR 1735Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage27 APR 1721to Hannah Palmer at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage14 MAR 1711to Mary Branch at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Read
BirthABT 1685Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death5 MAR 1735 Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage27 APR 1721to Hannah Palmer at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage14 MAR 1711to Mary Branch at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FatherJohn Read
MotherHannah Holloway
PARENT (F) Hannah Palmer
Birth28 APR 1696Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death12 OCT 1755 Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage27 APR 1721to John Read at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FatherJonah Palmer
MotherElizabeth Kendrick
FHannah Read
Birth7 APR 1722Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death9 OCT 1762Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage8/08 JAN 1743/1744to Hezekiah Follett at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MAmasa Read
Birth15 MAY 1729Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death16 FEB 1803Tyringham, Berskhire, Massachusetts
Marriage9 MAR 1756to Mary Heath at Willington, Tolland, Connecticut
MElihu Read
Birth16 JUN 1725Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death11 JUL 1726Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FIrene Read
Birth4 FEB 1730Windham, Windham, Connecticut
DeathAPR 1733
Marriage13 JAN 1762to Josiah Southworth at Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut
MJohn Read
Birth4 AUG 1723Windham, Windham, Connecticut
DeathABT 1784
Marriage6 MAR 1745to Rebecca Turner at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MarriageAFT 1766to Eunice
MNathaniel Read
Birth22 DEC 1726Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MSeth Read
Birth22 DEC 1726Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death6/06 FEB 1733/1734Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FSusannah Read
Birth24/24 FEB 1733/1734Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death16 APR 1735Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FSarah Read
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) John Read
BirthABT 1685Norwich, New London, Connecticut
Death5 MAR 1735 Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage27 APR 1721to Hannah Palmer at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage14 MAR 1711to Mary Branch at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FatherJohn Read
MotherHannah Holloway
PARENT (F) Mary Branch
Death8 OCT 1718 Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage14 MAR 1711to John Read at Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FElizabeth Reed
Birth18 SEP 1715Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage8 JUN 1737to Isaac Turner at Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut
MJohn Reed
Birth10 JAN 1717Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death10 NOV 1717Windham, Windham, Connecticut
FMary Reed
Birth8 AUG 1713Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Marriage4 APR 1738to John Turner at Mansfield, Tolland, Connecticut
MNathan Reed
Birth1 SEP 1718Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death11 NOV 1718Windham, Windham, Connecticut
MNathaniel Reed
Birth2 MAR 1712Windham, Windham, Connecticut
Death12 MAR 1712Windham, Windham, Connecticut
[S325]Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records
[S274]Personal Correspondance
[S294]Viola Haynes Genealogy Records
[S340]Church Record
Descendancy Chart
John Read b: ABT 1685 d: 5 MAR 1735
Hannah Palmer b: 28 APR 1696 d: 12 OCT 1755
Hannah Read b: 7 APR 1722 d: 9 OCT 1762
Hezekiah Follett b: 23 AUG 1719 d: 31 AUG 1782
Jerusha Follett b: 29 OCT 1744
John Follett b: 5 MAR 1746 d: 20 AUG 1767
Abner Follett b: 24 OCT 1747 d: 3 OCT 1825
Mary Wood b: 1757 d: 8 FEB 1814
Susannah Follett b: 31 OCT 1749 d: 1 JUN 1826
Elizabeth Follett b: 6 MAR 1751
Hannah Follett b: 27 SEP 1752
Irena Follett b: 13 MAR 1755
Lovina Follett b: 26 MAR 1757
Anna Follett b: 20 MAY 1758
Amasa Read b: 15 MAY 1729 d: 16 FEB 1803
Mary Heath b: 18 DEC 1736 d: 28 AUG 1788
Amasa Read b: 13 JAN 1757 d: 2 JAN 1830
Sarah Slaughter b: 24 MAR 1760 d: 22 APR 1800
Mary Farler b: ABT 1752 d: 9 JUL 1830
Nathaniel Read b: 5 AUG 1758 d: 10 APR 1831
Rhoda Sedgwick b: 28 JUL 1767 d: 9 APR 1824
Timothy Read b: 26 FEB 1760
Joshua Read b: 28 FEB 1762 d: 30 APR 1846
Orphena Hurlburt b: 5 NOV 1766 d: 28 DEC 1812
Ruth Steward b: ABT 1767 d: 28 FEB 1850
Mary Read b: 10 FEB 1764 d: 21 MAY 1767
Elizabeth Read b: 10 FEB 1764 d: 21 MAY 1767
Sarah Read b: 5 MAR 1767 d: 7 MAY 1790
Rachael Read b: 10 FEB 1755
Elihu Read b: 16 JUN 1725 d: 11 JUL 1726
Irene Read b: 4 FEB 1730 d: APR 1733
Hannah Southworth b: 9 JAN 1763
Chester Southworth b: 17 JUL 1765
Zerviah Crane b: 28 MAY 1769
Lucy Southworth b: 8 MAY 1766
Ralph Southworth b: 7 APR 1768
Phineas Southworth b: 13 JAN 1771
Luther Southworth b: 17 MAR 1773
John Read b: 4 AUG 1723 d: ABT 1784
Rebecca Turner b: 6 DEC 1723
Jonathan Reed b: 18 MAR 1746 d: BEF 1784
Susannah Reed b: 17 DEC 1747
Elihue Reed b: 21/21 MAR 1749/1750
John Reed b: 28 FEB 1751
Nathan Reed b: 10 JUN 1754
Hannah Reed b: 20 APR 1756
Irena Reed b: 31 JAN 1758
Rebecca Reed b: 13 APR 1760
Stephen Reed b: 1762
Tryphena Reed b: 13 JUN 1766
Nathaniel Read b: 22 DEC 1726
Seth Read b: 22 DEC 1726 d: 6/06 FEB 1733/1734
Susannah Read b: 24/24 FEB 1733/1734 d: 16 APR 1735
Mary Branch d: 8 OCT 1718
Elizabeth Reed b: 18 SEP 1715
Isaac Turner b: 16/16 FEB 1713/1714 d: 5 JUL 1776
Elizabeth Turner b: 17 JUL 1738
Lois Turner b: 18 APR 1741 d: 8 MAY 1741
Samuel Turner b: 3 JUN 1742
Isaac Turner b: 20 AUG 1744
Suse Turner b: 1/01 MAR 1746/1747
Sarah Turner b: ABT 1748
John Reed b: 10 JAN 1717 d: 10 NOV 1717
Mary Reed b: 8 AUG 1713
John Turner b: 12 JUN 1716 d: 15 JUL 1776
Hannah Turner b: 2 FEB 1739
Lydia Turner b: 4 AUG 1741
Rebecca Turner b: 17 JUL 1743
Stephen Turner b: 7 FEB 1747
Phineas Turner b: 19 DEC 1754
Anne Turner b: 28 OCT 1758
Nathan Reed b: 1 SEP 1718 d: 11 NOV 1718
Nathaniel Reed b: 2 MAR 1712 d: 12 MAR 1712